Bra push-up get rid of complexes

The list of female virtues that are particularly attracted to men, chest occupies the first position.Petite bust, looking out of an open neckline, leaves no one indifferent.What to do if your small breast size?You will come to the aid of a push-up bra.

Men are lucky, they can help to increase the exercise pectoral muscles.Increase the volume of a woman's breast can not be so.Eating cabbage and all sorts of gadgets, too, will not give the result.It remains only to plastic surgery.But do not run to the doctor, because the problem can be solved without bloodshed.You just have to choose the right push-up bra.

What is this bra?

Remember, because teenage girls are already trying to increase the breast through a variety of inserts in the bra.In the course are wool scarves, cloths, socks.Why so excel, if there is a push-up bra?

push up bra is able to lift the breasts to give her a nice shape and a substantial increase.All this is possible thanks to the special cut and a couple more secrets.

If nature has deprived you curvaceous, breasts had lost shape after childbirth or weight loss, then you urgently need a miracle bra.It is also a real find for those who for one reason or another chest of different sizes.

first inventor of the push up bra has become a brand Wonderbra.Today he is one of the leaders in the production of underwear.Buying bras European brands, you are virtually immune to poor quality acquisitions.If refined lingerie you can not afford, you can replace it with a brand Milavitsa.It bras manufactured in Belarus, have excellent quality and affordable prices.

Due to what bra push-up increases the breast?

all bras of this model have a dense foam cup.This is attached to the breast a beautiful shape and rounds it.In addition, all the seams and lines are designed to create comfort for your bust and visually increases its volume.

form cup is always half open, which allows a maximum of the bare chest and create the illusion of non-small size.But the main secret - it's all kinds of inserts, which can add up to two sizes of your charms.Therefore, strictly speaking, this is referred to as sheets and push-up bra.Photos of girls in a normal bra and push up models show a significant difference.

Some women try to increase the volume of breasts visually due to the smaller size of the bra.Strongly do not recommend this.First, it is dangerous to health, because a small bra compresses the chest, which is fraught with serious consequences.Secondly, you do not get the best result.Chest is not sexy peek out of the cups, but simply fall out of them.On the sides of the folds are formed, and the straps painful stuck into the skin.Always try to trim underwear only in size.

Types of bras push up

Bras push-up differ depending on their functions.Choose the model that is right for you.

  • bra with foam cups.If the size of the breast you are completely satisfied, but would you like to give it a nice shape and slightly lifted, then this option - what you need.
  • bra with removable pads.The cup of the pocket is present, and you will find a complete foam inserts.They can also be purchased separately.You can adjust the size of the bust, depending on the population density of the bra.It is also easy to equalize the size of two unequal breasts.
  • bra with silicone filler.This is a great option for the swimwear, because silicone does not get wet.These inserts can be bought separately.
  • correction bra.All cup filled with foam material.This bra is suitable for very tiny beauties.He is able to give a seductive roundness of the breast even the smallest size.