Barley in children: causes, symptoms, treatment

Unfortunately, barley in children is relatively frequent, from which no one is immune.Of course, no parent wants his child woke up one morning with a swollen eye.To avoid this situation, it is important to know the primary cause, provoking the problem.On the other hand, if the diagnosis of the disease is still not avoided, it should be mandatory to know how to cure barley in children.In this article we will give the most detailed answers to all these questions.

main reasons for

Doctors today distinguish several primary reasons leading to the development of this problem.Sometimes it is enough to rub eyes with dirty hands, and the very next day there is a small eye swelling.However, this is not the only factor, as a result of which there is barley in children.Planned formation of the disease to some extent contributes to the extremely weakened immune system, as well as the most common hypothermia.

How does the illness?

Symptoms :

  • redness century;
  • headache;
  • swelling;
  • itching;
  • a slight increase in body temperature.

development of disease

According to experts, the barley in children, as a rule, is developing rapidly.Literally the next day there are already the primary symptoms described above, as well as a small bump on the yellow century.In five days he breaks, and from there begins to trickle viscous fluid - pus.During this period, parents should be required to monitor the hygiene of children's hands, because you can bring an infection that, in turn, exacerbate the disease.

treatment of barley in children.Professional Advice

First, we should note that hump appeared in no case be artificially squeezed, as this can lead to very serious complications.It is also not recommended to apply to the affected area warm eyes.The best solution is to seek help from a specialist.A doctor appointed after examination and a visual inspection of individual treatment depending on the child health indicators.Note that the most commonly used therapeutic agents similar.For example, to cure barley in year-old child, appointed special eye drops (20% "Albucidum") and tetracycline 1% ointment.The latter is necessary to lay over the eyelid three times a day until the disease is completely gone.If you are unable to contact a doctor immediately, you can burn the lid slightly alcohol, iodine or brilliant green.Take a cotton swab and dip it into the liquid, and then gently prizhgite inflamed place.In this case, you should be especially careful with small children to alcohol or iodine accidentally fell into the eye itself.According to experts, in the early stages of this happens often enough, subject to the priority rules of hygiene to illness did not continue its further development.Be healthy!