What is necessary for the child to kindergarten?

Admission to the kindergarten - the beginning of a completely new phase in the life of the child.There are many aspects of psychological and physical preparation of children for this event.But, in addition, you should also find out what the child needs in kindergarten.

In modern gardens already have everything you need for children: dishes, bedding, hygiene products, and so on. N., So the main focus should be on the purchase of necessary clothing.All the things that you buy for his child, must meet several requirements.First of all, pay attention to how easy they are to unbutton and fastened, remove and put on.For example, when tying shoelaces for the baby until it is a difficult task, it is better to opt for shoes with Velcro.Instead of clothing with a zipper, you can buy one that fastens with convenient buttons.Having thought these moments, you simplify the task and to the child and his caregivers.

Thinking about what you need your child to kindergarten, always make sure that the things he bought

friendly.No article of clothing should not cause discomfort to the kid, rubbing, interfere, restrict movement.

Also note that, while in the garden, a child is likely to be often spoil their belongings.Paint stains, food, street dirt is not easily washed from all fabrics, not to mention the fact that after repeated washings, almost all wardrobe items lose their original appearance.Therefore, it is preferable that all the clothes were made of fabrics that are easily erased.And, of course, it should always be clean and ironed - even if your child looks neat.

Get to the list of what you need your child to kindergarten:

  • a few T-shirts and shorts in the shift (especially during toilet training);
  • 2-3 pairs of pantyhose (if indoor garden is hot, you can instead take the socks);
  • for Boys: T-shirt or sweatshirt, sweater, turtleneck, breeches or shorts with an elastic band;
  • for girls: 2-3 skirts and blouses or dresses well;
  • shoes (as has been said, the best fit model with Velcro);
  • sports uniforms for physical education;
  • mittens with elastic bands (in the cold season).

All clothes children in kindergarten must comply with the above requirements.

also mention the fact that you need a child to kindergarten, it is worth mentioning the need to purchase personal hygiene items: a comb, hair clips and rubber bands for girls, packaging wet and dry wipes, and so on. D. In addition, you will likely haveBuy a notebook, which will serve as the child's medical record, two notebooks payments for magazines and visits, as well as the sketch pad.If desired, you can also buy the kid crayons and markers - stationery provided in kindergartens, seldom have a particularly high quality.

If the question of whether the child needs a kindergarten, you answered yes, you should make sure that your baby is ready to march in the pre-school institution in all respects.It is best to ask the teachers that need your daze.For each individual kindergarten this list may be different.