Baby walkers: at what age they can be used?

benefits of civilization, of course, simplify our lives.But often, their use raises many questions.Get at least a device for the kids the first year of life as a walker.At what age can a child put into them, and whether to do it at all?The problem is every parent's care, because opinions differ on this matter.

note that this device has both its advantages and disadvantages.We call some of them.


  • Strengthen muscles.Kid walker can be much more active.It is rotated by 360 degrees, and should walk.
  • some freedom for Mom.As long as the baby is in a walker, she can cook dinner or clean the apartment without being distracted every time out to pull the baby from the next cabinet or pull up your favorite colors.
  • Karapuz happy exploring the world around him, and to expand their own space contemplated allow walkers.At what age the opportunity will be available to the child?This we say a little later.
  • If your child likes to move walker, he will be pleased with himself, and parents will enjoy their smil
    es and laughter.

Now for the minuses.The doctors unanimously declare that walkers, from what age the parents nor begun to use them to carry the child only harm.Children's bodies must be prepared to ensure that the baby began to walk.The later this happens, the better it will get stronger ligaments and muscles.The immense, the use of walkers is fraught with huge loads on the spine of the child.In the future, it can trigger the formation of poor posture.There are significant problems with the spine.

Many mothers look transmit and read advice of Dr. Komarovsky.According to him, the child must take its first steps only when on his knees will be visible from the corn that he actively and long crawl.In this well-known pediatrician supported by many other experts.

Still, it is possible to use baby walkers?At what age can a baby accustomed to the "vertical world"?Of course, much depends on the individual rate of development of the child.Some 7 months still do not even try to crawl, while others have their own walk, even with the support.

walker Manufacturers claim that the baby, who is already well sit without support, such a device does not hurt.As they consider the optimal age to purchase it - 5-6 months, maximum 7. But pediatricians, including Komorowski, hold a different opinion.They do not recommend that parents of infants to think about it until the baby is not 9 months old.

Please note that there are cases when absolutely can not use a walker.At what age is allowed to do pediatricians, it does not matter.So, give up the purchase of such a device if:

  • baby does not sit on their own without the support of an adult;
  • symptoms of rickets;
  • on the ground in contact with the seat, there is inflammation or diaper rash;
  • there is an increase or decrease in tone leg muscles;
  • impaired musculoskeletal system.

Now only you can decide whether to use a walker.At what age do you put them in the baby - also your choice.However, in any case, do not forget to ensure the safety of the crumbs, closing the outlet, to prevent collision with the furniture and fall of the baby through the rapids.