How to cure head lice in a child?

Unfortunately, head lice in a child - a fairly common disease.It is not the cause of impropriety as inclined to believe a lot of us.Today, to get rid of this unpleasant disease is a snap.Pharmacies has many diverse and drugs to combat disease pathogens.

What is pediculosis?

The disease is associated with parasitism on the hair and scalp of human lice.Most often found lice in a child in the children's collective (the garden camp, sanatorium).Identify the disease is possible only after seven days after infection.Typically, the parasite living human skin from 1 to 3 months.On the 16th day of his life the female louse can lay about 10 eggs a day, so the number of parasites every day is increasing.Lice feed on human blood, causing irritation and itching of the scalp.In addition, the combed wounds can penetrate the infection, causing dermatitis.

Ways of infection

Pediculosis the child results from the use of personal belongings and a hat of another child, as well as the usual contact.Infected lice

can be swimming in stagnant water, rivers or small ponds.When using the shared bathroom and personal care products, as well as the swimming pool is also the risk of disease is high.


Pediculosis a child raises a number of characteristic symptoms.As a rule, the kid bothers itching.On the site of the bite a rash appears red.The hair can be seen when viewed from a large number of nits.The most common parasites are located behind the ears and at the nape.By secondary symptoms include loss of appetite, insomnia, irritability.To detect lice, combing hair kid should pay attention to the color of the skin of the head.Grey small spots, bleeding scratches, nits on the hair - all this testifies to the advanced disease.


Today in pharmacies can buy a huge variety of tools: lice shampoo for children, cream, lotion.However, when purchasing products should pay attention to the age restriction.Some drugs, because of their toxicity, are unacceptable for young children.The treatment head should be carried out twice at an interval of 7 days.This haircut or shave the hair is optional.A sick child must be isolated from children, and to put on thick head scarf or hat, which then need to be boiled.When the treatment is completed, adhering to the hair comb nits need special comb and head treated with a solution (5%), vinegar diluted with water.Underwear and bed linen baby should also be boiled.All members of the family, too, need to be examined to detect lice.

Preventing lice in children

kids clothes must be changed and washed daily.He himself should also bathe once a day.Hair girls should always be neatly braided, and the boys - cut short.The child is strictly forbidden to use other people's hats, pins, combs and so on. D.