Weddings - where to start?

an event such as a wedding, in everyone's life is very important and touching moment.After all, after the marriage begins a new stage in the life of a couple who established their relations.For this reason, it is important to organize the wedding.

In most cases, the solution of this question the future spouses begin to engage in advance.It is said that this process takes a lot of time, nerves and, of course, money.In this article we will talk about what is the organization of weddings, where to start and how to do it right.

Date solemn event

Of course, the first step in the organization of the wedding will be the submission of an application to the registrar.Naturally, you can plan in advance the date of your holiday, but at the same time you have to be prepared for the fact that the desired number of you may already be occupied.Therefore it is necessary in advance to visit the registration center and find out when you should apply to the coveted number was free.If you decided to celebrate yo

ur wedding day, which coincides with a holiday, such as Valentine's Day, it is only natural that those wishing to be far more than to any other date.If you are a believer, you should familiarize yourself with the schedule of posts, although this rule applies more to those who have decided to get married, and not just put a stamp in the passport.

of Expenditure

assume that you have already applied, and the date of the celebration is assigned.As more looks weddings, where to start?Next you with future husband / wife is necessary to plan the budget of the upcoming events.To do this, sit down together and think through all the details.Of course, you must understand that no matter how careful you take into account all costs, avoid the additional costs are unlikely.Often a major role in this issue played by the parents of young people who can make their proposals and express their views on the conduct of the festival.However, it was financial issues often deal with parents, particularly when it comes to the wedding even very young people.

Choosing a venue for a wedding

Once you have reviewed the financial side of the issue, it's time to think about the place where, in fact, the event will be held.Of course, currently connected to your budget, and we should understand that a process such as organization of the wedding, the prices can be different.Moreover, the venue of the celebration depends on your imagination.For example, a wedding abroad will cost no less than EUR 1,250.And for 119,700 rubles you can rest and officially register the marriage, and the organizations involved in this type of service, as a rule, provide transportation, and presented bridal bouquet.If we talk about the modest traditional wedding, you should count on the amount of not less than 70,000 rubles.Consider the various options for the event:

  • Standard wedding.Procedure: bride price, painting, walking, restaurant.

  • Also, as an option, Brac may initially sign a registry office and then go to church in order to make the wedding ceremony.You can also sign in one day, and be married to another.Therefore, the celebration can be assigned to any of these days.

  • unusual marriage registration.As we all know, extra workers registrar can come anywhere.Itinerant painting can take place on the beach or, for example, in a restaurant.

  • Weddings abroad - a great option for those who are on a tight budget.This holiday can become a truly exotic and romantic.

Inviting guests

Once you have decided on the venue for the celebration, you need to think about those who will be with you during this exciting day, t. E. The guests.Of course, this question also depends on what amount of money you are willing to pay for your wedding.In most cases, the bride and groom make their guest lists.Then they are discussed and corrected.Most importantly - do not pull with the moment and the invitation to inform guests in advance.After all, everyone needs time to prepare for the celebration.Someone will ask for leave from work, someone will need to dig a gift of money to the young, and in the end, the guests need to buy a beautiful dress.If you are naive to think that only the bride and groom take care of their costumes, you are wrong.Each guest puzzled the matter no less.In addition to all the above, you need to decide who will act as a witness at your wedding.

standard or unusual wedding?

Well, we talked about what it looks like weddings, to start training and you need to do.Now you need to decide your usual triumph, or do you prefer a very unusual marriage of?

actually unusual holidays among the inhabitants of our country are gaining more and more popularity.Indeed, great when, for example, the wedding takes place in the style of the 60s.It is said that this issue could take the agency organizing weddings.Employees of the company will be able to answer all questions you may have.In addition to ready-made scripts that you can tailor to your triumph, the Agency has all the necessary materials for the realization of various ideas.Thus, the organization of weddings performed by "turnkey".

If you do not want to spend money on the services of the agency simply can read books, bridal magazines or go to your imagination.Suffice it to become a popular wedding organization in St. Petersburg, this romantic and beautiful city with drawbridges.

Once you decide what style will be a celebration, you need to think about exactly where you go after the registrar.Here, too, much depends on the funds that you have.

Naturally, after the triumph of your wedding will be discussed.And this is quite normal.For this reason, you must properly consider all aspects when choosing a restaurant.After all, your guests, and most importantly, you have to stay after the event a positive experience.

Choose restaurant

Every bride and groom, any thought about the question, which will host their wedding.This may be your favorite restaurant, which certainly has a banquet hall and a festive menu.However, if your organization is engaged in a specialized agency of the wedding, you will certainly be offered a choice of several options.You can also use the experience of friends who had a similar holiday.Naturally, in the latter case, you also have to visit the restaurant and view the available menu.

Entertainment at the wedding

final step in the selection of the wedding will be musicians, toastmaster, cars and places to walk.At this stage, you can take the advice of friends and agencies.

should also stay at Toastmasters.That is on what the person you choose for this role depends on the entire course of the celebration.You, of course, understand that the toastmaster must "ignite" the guests and make sure that each person was invited to have fun.As we have said, the triumph must remain in memory for a long time guest.For this reason, pay special attention to the selection of Toastmasters.When pre-holiday conversation leading means should discuss with you the scenario of events, competitions and show discs with examples of their work.

Now you have an idea of ​​what it looks like weddings, to begin the process of preparation and that must be considered at every stage.Of course, this event takes you a lot of time and effort.But if you go with the mind to solve all organizational issues, then, believe me, the end result will be a memorable one.As we have said, the preparations for the wedding should be started well in advance.In order to have time to solve all the problems associated with your personal holiday.We, in turn, would like to wish you good luck in all your endeavors and, of course, fun wedding!