35 years - what a wedding, what to give?

white dress and black suit, light lace veil and flower boutonniere decorated balls limousine and wedding rings, a huge cake, fireworks champagne and joyful cries of "Kiss!" - The whole wedding paraphernalia will soon go into the past, while remaining in the memory of the perpetratorscelebrations and their guests at the photos and trendy now CDs.

Wedding anniversaries

Yes, festive excitement gives way to ordinary everyday life.And yesterday the bride and groom, and now husband and wife begin to co-management, to establish a life, t. E., "To build a house, plant trees, raise children," to paraphrase a famous statement.Pass from year to year, and this had passed calico, paper, leather ... Every anniversary marks not only a period of 12 months or 365 days - a moment of laughter and happy moments of bitter resentment, it is the sacrament of reconciliation and the sweetness of knowing each other's characters.This joint concerns, experiences and joy.Because when the family celebrates 25 years of life toget

her - a victory over themselves, their shortcomings and selfishness.30th anniversary - solid experience, and it seems the couple have nothing to divide, they have passed the test of time, poverty, temptations and passions.However, this is not entirely true.It was only when safely step over the 35-year anniversary, overcome peculiar to this period of mid-life crisis, we can say: "Yes, the marriage took place!" What is this magic number - 35 years?What wedding?Above this is a deep thinking!

Slavic names and symbols

linen, coral, linen, jade - all adjectives refer to the same event.They say that the husband and wife have been married for 35 years (what a wedding!).What to give - will find out later.First, a few words about the symbolism of the name.Why linen and linen?So this anniversary is called in Russia and other Slavic countries.Linen flax is particularly durable, high quality and durability.Is not such are the couple's relationship, existing side by side as much as 35 years?What wedding, now it is clear from the title.A gift can be a luxurious linen bedding, table linens (tablecloths, napkins and so on. E. With an elegant pattern, embroidery and handmade proshvami lace), curtains and drapes, dresses, blouses, shirts ... All this is very much appreciated, as alwaysvalued natural fabrics, natural natural materials, real feelings.

Western names and symbols: why coral

Several different answers the question: "35 years - what's the wedding?" - The inhabitants of Western Europe and the United States.Himself anniversary there too celebrated very widely, especially in the light of respect for family values.But he called the coral and jade - rather, by the way, is true!Corals - the build-up of organic origin, formed on the rocky bottom of the seas and oceans.They form colonies of bizarre, very beautiful and extremely hardy.Over time, these polyps create entire islands - atolls.A truly majestic sight!It symbolically resembles a family life-long 35 years.What else could wear a wedding so the original name!

Precious jade

And finally, the last name of the event - jade.With him, too, everything is transparent.This gem was one of the first mastered by man.From it were carved statues of gods and columns of the Temple, he was decorated with furniture of great kings, the all-powerful mages and priests.On the strength of a particular mineral in the centuries there were legends.It is therefore not surprising that a magical gem, divine good luck charm, associated with the fact that people lived 35 years together.What is more worthy of such a wedding ceremonial honors?

Choosing gifts

Now is the time to reflect on the gifts.With some (about flax), we have already seen.A jubilee can be defined by the 35 years of marriage - what a wedding.If the coral, the very way fit necklace and brooch made of stone, cuff links and tie pins, various souvenirs from the mineral.Cups and vases with bouquets of his compositions from branches significantly decorate the house and become a wonderful memory of the triumph.On the one hand.On the other - what to do if a 35-year wedding anniversary to count jade?Well, no problem!The course will again jewels, but this gem.The choice here, of course, a huge - by imposing rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants to entire sets.And men, too, there exists a lot of attractive gizmos!Plus a variety of gifts for the home.Cost, of course, they will be a lot, but then an extraordinary event!

Hail surprises!

If you are going to celebrate the day "with feeling, really, slowly", to determine in advance in 35 years - what a wedding.Congratulations, presentation, banquet - all this takes time, careful forethought and creative approach.Let's start with the principal.As the "newlyweds" can congratulate each other?In vain, many believe that in middle age people are unable to romantic impulses.A spouse can prove the opposite, if he woke up in a great day, my wife sees on his bedside table or dresser fragrant bouquet of 35 roses.Well, if it will draw in a heart shape - it will be symbolic.What is important in this case, and the color - flaming scarlet or pristine white: the color of coral.And next let flaunts treasured box with jewelry.The wife also should not remain in debt.And if her husband will begin awakening to the contemplation of a luxury collector's bottle of vintage red wine - we dare to assure you, the man just zamurlychet pleasure.Especially if the drink is attached to something from souvenirs.Naturally, kisses, affectionate recognition and gratitude for the fact that both were chosen for all these years together - in sorrow and in joy.

ideas for guests and not only

no matter how many people were invited to the feast anniversaries, they must observe the ancient tradition: to share a piece of their warmth, happiness and goodwill to all who came to share their triumph.Because meal should marry a cake or pie of such magnitude that even on a small piece, and enough for everyone.This would mean that the spouses wish to present a sweet and comfortable life.And in response to close relatives or family members can donate money tree jade figurine or Chinese god - symbol of good luck, stability, prosperity and well-being of Feng Shui.Or sculpture embracing lovers, that will be very symbolic and very topic.And congratulations should be heroes of the occasion to wish many more years to be cheerful, active, young at heart and love each other as in the first years of life together.In fact, after each anniversary milestone begins a new relationship and a new countdown family experience.


And what a true conjugal anniversary can do without the honeymoon?And since it is coral, the "bride and groom" have to keep their way to the sea.This trip not only will bring new experience, fills life with bright colors, but will have rest, relax, give each other more attention and heat than when the relationship is constantly interfering in the work of the case and any force majeure.Do not miss the fun!The more that you have grown children and grandchildren (if any) is also not babies.Home quite cope without you.And again you feel yourself young, carefree romantic, in love with life and each other!