'22 Life together - what a wedding?

Every family has its own rules and traditions.Someone who likes peace and quiet, and someone is always happy to guests and is ready to throw a feast for the whole world.Now we will discuss how best to celebrate life together in '22.

What is the date?

Everyone knows that every year the couple celebrates a certain date.For example, three years of marriage - is a leather wedding 10 years - pink (or tin), 18 - turquoise.And if his first "anniversary" a young family is still pleased to note that on this may not be a bit different, because life and daily activities and concerns often make people forget that the anniversary is no less important than, for example, birthday.After all, in fact, it is the birthday of a new family.So, passed, passed in '22 ... What a life together celebrated the wedding?Bronze!There may be a logical question: "Why so?"It's all very clear, because the bronze - it is quite malleable in the alloy material.The same can be said about the couple, who have lived a long time together:

they know when to give way to his partner, and when possible, and to insist on personal opinion.


Considered celebration has its own symbols.Thus, traditional gift is naturally bronze.Americans, however, that date is also called copper.The stone which symbolizes the couple passed time period - spinel any color.

celebration together

So, the couple behind '22 life together.What wedding is celebrated - you know, now it is important to think about how best to spend the day.Ideally, of course, a husband and wife is better to be alone: ​​it is good to go to a favorite restaurant, visit the cinema or theater.The main thing that it was all happening like both spouses.A wonderful option - to go on a short journey or a trip to the sea.This is probably because children are likely to have grown up and have become quite independent and everyday worries and can be postponed.It is important to remember to take pictures and shoot everything on video, in extreme old age it will be a great boon when spouses want ponostalgirovat defiant and remember the past.

celebration with family

How else can you note in '22 life together?What a wedding it would be - you know, so you can make the celebration of the Bronze style.However, most likely, it will not be a chic dinner party, because the date is not round, and, so to say, intermediate whoopee.So you can invite only relatives and close friends.Mark the day of the wedding can be at home, and in the warmer months - in nature.You do not want to?Well, going to the cafe was not forbidden.What can be provided from the special?Why in this day, "the couple" did not remember their wedding vows and not to line up: everything is a loved one has been executed?You can scold comic spouse, but be sure to praise and thank you for all that was done.Not bad also give the new oath, which is likely to be comic and funny.


This paragraph is addressed to women.On the nose - 22 years of living together.What wedding complete without a feast?Especially in our country, where a walk and loves to have fun each.What submit dear guests?We will adhere to the traditions and symbolism.Therefore, prepare meals rich in copper (the American version, but nothing has come).No, it is not a metal, although for the table is not a sin to use bronze, if possible.As for the food, fit cod liver or beef liver, squid, walnuts, hazelnuts.But this is far from a full menu, it is good to diversify your favorite dishes of her husband.On the table also must be present cocoa, and of alcohol - light wine or champagne.


Well, if the spouse is remembered every day of the wedding.'22 Of marriage should not be an exception.For example, on each anniversary to visit some good workshop.On this day you can go on the artistic forging of copper or bronze, and there learn the properties of these metals, to see how they are working with.And, of course, it is necessary to try to do something on their own, and leave the souvenir as a reminder of the bronze wedding.An interesting idea may seem a bronze medal.Well, again, I want to remind you that all you need to shoot on film and videotape, it will be a great memory.

What to give?

Knowing that '22 wedding - bronze wedding gifts necessary to prepare appropriate.You can, of course, to teach the family table set or appliances as a gift - it will never be over.But better still follow tradition and give bronze or copper items (by the way, bronze - an alloy of copper and tin).What can you give of this metal?The easiest option - a bronze statuette.However, in this case it is necessary to take into account the size of property and gifts, as well as the interior, where it will be presented to the thing.The studio tiny apartment exactly inappropriate will look great bronze horse with wings (a la a present from the movie "Office Romance").So on this option you need to think very carefully.It does not seem odd bronze mirror in a beautiful frame.This is such a gift is always a place.And it will look very attractive.You can also present a variety of bronze candlesticks, picture frames or pictures in frames of a suitable material.Interesting gifts are bronze table clock (but just in case, better to take a present for a ransom - a lot of money), as well as chess of said metal.What else to give 22 years?What a wedding - you know, you can try to play with another symbol of this day - spinel.This stone can decorate jewelry set - to give the husband and wife on the pendant.It would be appropriate coffee service of copper, from which all the guests will be able to immediately and treat yourself.

interesting gifts

Yet that is presented in the bronze wedding?In addition to a present of this precious metal, you can try to beat the number 22. So, why not give the couple 22 chocolates?Only a hand "newlyweds" sweets - is at least banal.Another thing - order it separately on said cover a present (for example, printing).That they can be shown?If the couple photographed every anniversary, every chocolate bar can symbolize lived together a year and display the corresponding day of celebration.You can make each tile wedding photo.Well, and so on ... so many ideas.It should be noted that such a gift will long be remembered not only for couples, but also to all guests.Yes, to be sure, a major wedding anniversary - 22 years.Therefore, it is possible to award the family deserved 22 medals - for every passing year.Why they are not made of bronze?If the family is something to collect, it is possible to present something out of the area.It is also good to make a married couple creative gift.You can write a poem just for them, compose a song, draw a picture.Particularly expensive are gifts made with their own hands - a related rug, beaded picture or painting.Grandchildren or children can make cards or small gifts from scrap materials.Such prezenty always pleasant and daryatsya people who love, appreciate and respect.