Japanese style - on the podium and in everyday life

Sophisticated Japanese beauty with mysterious eyes always attracted the attention of Europeans.A particular cut of clothes, "Porcelain" makeup, high intricate hairstyles still awake fantasy world designers.Hit the fashion shows this season - a major east print on fabric items such as kimonos and geta shoes or zori wooden sole.

Japanese style on the catwalk

This is primarily a riot of colors and colors: coral, orange, turquoise dress made of satin and silk with a large single pattern perfectly embody the traditions of Japanese clothing.

as simulation designers offer kimono coats, jackets, dresses, blouses.Direct adjacent silhouette, wide sleeves, a belt under the breast - it is these attributes, they supplemented their collections.After all, the main standard of beauty in ancient Japan is the lack of clear-cut lines and bumps in the female figure.

Japanese style in everyday life

Modern women can bring to your style charm of China via blouses with V-neck and a dark band under the breast.Cont

rasting combinations of red and black, black and white, large floral prints are also welcome.To emphasize the softness and femininity, it is better to play on the contrast of pink and white, brown and pink, brown and white colors.This shirt can be beautifully combined with trousers or jeans.

Another original casual option - a blouse with wide straight sleeves and a wide belt that is tied back on a bow.Blouse in this case mimics a kimono and belt acts as Obi - traditional accessories in the wardrobe of Japanese women.

Japanese style of dress often uses multiple layers, for example, is worn over jeans, sleeveless blouse, and on top of it - a transparent tunic, all tied with a belt.

Japanese style for kids

Yes, the desire to imitate the style of the Middle Kingdom has affected even the clothes for newborns.Now very popular dresses, shirts and blouses with V-shaped collar that buttoned on the side of the buttons or ribbons tied on.

Many online stores now offer clothing for kids with supplies from Japan - what could be more "Japanese"?

Japanese style teen

Japan is now associated not only colorful kimonos, wooden zori and wide obi, but also with images of cartoon anime.Especially popular anime style in adolescents.Girls emphasize this Japanese style clothing with stockings in a large strip of lush mix of skirts with boots or sneakers, colorful short jackets.

on teenage shirts and dresses funny image kitten kitty look or Pokemon, also the created by Japanese animators.

Japanese style in accessories

traditional fan made of silk with a pattern of flowers and birds, small cloth umbrellas will further emphasize the commitment to the traditional style of the Middle Kingdom.

Japanese way of harmony with flashy jewelry made of wood, coral or tortoiseshell.Volume earrings, bracelets bulging in his arms - all harmoniously emphasizes a favorite oriental style

Japanese style hair and makeup

to create the full image, you need to align the hair, pull in the beam pierced his chopsticks and Japanese needles.It is also possible to collect elaborate high hair and decorate it with flowers or branches, to fix the wide ridge with pearls.

makeup importantly - emphasize the pale and matte skin without a blush.Dark eyeliner on the upper eyelid held, outline shaded, and the corners are lowered slightly.Eyelashes are painted thickly.The look gets dragged and mystery

Lips need to pick up rich red tones.The shape of the lips have to be in the form of a bow, and is very clearly defined.