What Is Carnival lenses and who uses them?

Many people know that in our time the lens is used not only for vision correction, but also to change the style.There are color and tint lenses, which are often used purely for cosmetic purposes - to change the eye color and saturation.Recently there was another novelty, which many may not be familiar - fancy contact lenses, also called decorative or Crazy.
This type of lens is not used for vision correction, are they that they are replacing the natural eye color to a specific image.Images can be very different: soccer ball, cat's eye, dollar, walleye, spiral, fire, and so forth.
Of course, these lenses are not going to wear every day, but they can be original complement the costumes (hence the name) and just fitfor the youth party.They will help to attract the attention, everyone will be surprised to look you in the eye.
In our time, will not be a problem to buy a lens Crazy, made of the finest materials, which due to the high moisture content does not cause discomfort, even after prolonged wear and

do not impair the clarity of vision even in low light.These lenses are not disposable after use they can be cleaned and put in a special solution for the next time.
most popular to date, carnival Korean company lenses NewBio.There are 14 different versions of drawings lenses, among which is not difficult to find a suitable one.
Lenses are often crazy fans of anime and science fiction.Indeed, thanks to them, you can create a special look, such as that of their favorite characters possessing supernatural powers.
demand for this type of lens generally increases during Halloween and New Year's holidays.It is in the New Year always want to look in a new way, and such lenses help to create a unique image, not unlike any other.Fancy figures, with saturated color, completely hiding the true color of the eyes can be a great addition to fancy dress.For example, a cat costume often buy contact lenses "cat's eye" to the representatives of the dark forces costumes for Halloween are perfect for a lens with a flame pattern.The original drawing of the eye can be matched to any image.Due to the high gas permeability of carnival contact lenses, it is not difficult to adapt even to those who first put the lens.
course, carnival lens suitable only for those who are not afraid to attract attention and stand out from the crowd, who like to change their image and pay attention to all the details.