Chemical peeling.

Over time, our skin gets some changes, loses its elasticity, thereby producing wrinkles and lines on the face.In aging skin, there is a tendency becomes spotted and freckled, in scientific language is called hyperpigmentation, especially true if she gets a lot of sun.

chemical face peeling - is a way to remove the damaged surface layers of the skin, renewing a new layer of healthy skin, we get soft and young, updated skin, chemical peeling procedure erases wrinkles and improve color Alicja.In addition, chemical facial peels can stimulate the growth of new cells giving skin rejuvenation by removing wrinkles and leading to a thickening of the skin, making the skin more taut increasing tone.

very wide variety of types of chemical peels, makes it possible to carry out procedures ranging from very superficial to very deep.The depth of the peel, which need leather, depending on the degree of damage that the skin has and the amount of discomfort that the client is willing to tolerate.Generally, the more t

he skin is damaged, the greater the need to remove the surface layer of the dermis should be removed to obtain the desired result.

very deep chemical peels persons receive applying chemical phenol, to work on the skin.This peel can eliminate a lot of the effects of skin aging, but the side effects can be very pale and waxy skin after exposure to the drug.Lightweight and median peeling using TCA (trichloroacetic acid) or ANA (a-hydroxy acid) creates excellent effect of freshness, but will not remove deep lines of wrinkles, because it does not penetrate deeply enough.However, they will provide invaluable assistance to improve the places where the skin is very thin, especially under the eyes.The effects of this group of acids on your skin will not create wax th, pale appearance of the skin.On the contrary, they give the complexion a new and natural look.

exposure to chemical face peeling removes damaged surface layers of the skin and replace them with healthier layers.Removes traces of hyperpigmentation.sun exposure and helps in the process of renewal and improvement of skin signs of renewal and rejuvenation are beginning to be present in full.

chemical face peeling gives visible results after the second, the third procedure, you will get significant changes at once, the rejuvenation effect is maintained for a long time and is very stable.

Chemical peeling effect on the skin by means of three mechanisms:

Excitation epidermal growth is done by removing the surface layer of the stratum corneum.Not more irritation dermis skin surface results in a slight thickening of the skin, which in turn gives the skin turgor.

accelerate the natural processes in the surface layer of the dermis, we replace the old cloth "normalized" we achieve unsurpassed cosmetic effect.The maximum result we get when exposed to hyperpigmentation This is especially true in the treatment of abnormalities of pigmentation and actinic keratosis.