Secrets of Stylists: regular shape eyebrows

Having prepared everything necessary to create the shape of eyebrows (stencil, tweezers, whose beveled tips, eyebrow brush and powder), proceed to the procedure itself.The main thing here (especially for beginners) - do not hurry up and after removing a few hairs, move away from the mirror to make sure his eyebrows symmetrical.And so, the correct shape of the eyebrows is created as follows.

Take an ordinary mirror, it is normal, without the effect of the increase to be able to realistically assess the outcome and carefully brush to brush the eyebrows upwards and towards temples.It is necessary to properly assess the shape of the eyebrows.
to result in a "correct" his eyebrows, better to use a special stencil, but it mainly concerns the beginners to those who already have some experience, it is not needed to the same shape of the eyebrows is already defined and can only be removed again grow back hairs thatwell marked.

Now information for beginners.The stencil is applied to the eyebrows, while it mu

st be allowed the greatest possible number of hairs, and apply powder.Once the stencil is removed, excess hair are clearly visible.It is necessary to remove them and using tweezers, and then will be correct shape of the eyebrows, but do not forget to periodically compare the symmetry, as already mentioned.

Now a few tips on how to properly arrange the eyebrows.Firstly, during the removal of hairs between the brows should be given special attention so as not to offend the very brow, or the distance between them will be slightly wider than that spoil the visual effect and, therefore, the desired result is achieved.Secondly, if you are not confident in their abilities, or just mastering the skill of plucking eyebrows, in any case no need to remove hair above his eyebrow.This often causes that the eyebrow becomes very narrow and it is necessary to tint, to achieve "normal" type.One last tip - regular shape eyebrows require care, and so at least once every four weeks is necessary to repeat the procedure for the removal of hairs.

Now a little about how to determine the correct shape of the eyebrows at a professional level, without the use of stencils.You will need a pencil and cosmetic pencil (lip or eye - it does not matter).The first point - the beginning of the eyebrow is determined by placing a pencil straight up from the wing of the nose, the second point - the top of the bend is indicated at the intersection with the eyebrow pencil, while it must pass through two points -zrachok (watch need right) and nose wing.Now we define the end of the eyebrow pencil substitute again to the wing nose and send it to the outer corner of the eye, resulting in a point where the brow should end.

Many interested in how to draw eyebrows to pull out excess hair.You do not have to draw the correct shape of the eyebrows will after removal of excess hair below the eyebrows, they can be clearly seen, but the main thing here is not to overdo it and do not Sause eyebrows.To do this, again, is often advised to move away from the mirror.

We forgot to mention one important point - tweeze eyebrows very painful, so experts advise before the procedure a little steam out face and put on the eyebrows a little cream, just a little, or tweezers will slide that hinder the process of plucking.By the way, with time, the pain will be less noticeable, and in the future will no longer be felt at all.This is due to the fact that the permanent removal of the same hairs makes them weaker, they grow slowly and, therefore, the process of plucking occurs much faster and painless.