Makeup Smoky Eyes - How to

Every girl wants to know how to learn how to do makeup.It is worth noting that there is nothing particularly difficult.So make Smokey Eyes - how to do what is necessary cosmetics, which way to apply makeup?

Makeup Smoky Eyes - the very smoky eye effect, which is so fond of many modern women of fashion.Especially stylish makeup looks in the winter.If you want to make your look really sexy and mysterious, this application technique invented precisely for you.

classic evening makeup Smokey ice - is the use of gray and black shades for a more universal fit other day makeup dull quiet shades: green, blue, purple, brown.Originality and beauty and different day and night makeup Smoky Eyes.How to do it, we will now describe.

So make Smokey Eyes.How do?First, you need to take:

- loose powder;

- an easy tonal basis under the shade;

- a broad brush for powder;

- black pencil, preferably soft;

- dark shadows, always cool colors;

- light shade (pearlescent, light beige or light gray);

- brush shadows;

- black mascara.

You must first align the tone of the eyelids.For this purpose, the lower and upper eyelid is necessary to put the tonal foundation and broad brush powder eye area.After this simple procedure will make persistent and shadows are not showering.At the same time the skin around the eyes should be in perfect condition, so if there are circles under the eyes, to hide their special corrector.

Next you should create a baseline.To do this, a soft pencil on the upper eyelid to draw the line as close to the lashes.The line should be lead up to the temples, the thickness of the line should increase as we approach the end.The lower eyelid is to sum up the outer edge.

at different planting eye makeup is applied differently, so you need to learn how to make Smokey Eyes do for every type of person.So if your eyes are planted close to the line of the upper eyelid should begin not with the inner corner, and from the field, closer to the middle.

next step - applying shading and shadows.This happens as follows: the region of the lashes to the crease (the upper eyelid moving) is covered by opaque dark shadows.They should not spread, and how to drive with light movements over the line eyeliner.Shadow Line should start in the inner corner of the eye, and then gradually expand towards the temples.Feathering shadow brush is made, it is done in a way that was not visible boundaries of the shadows.On the lower eyelid applied shade dark shade, but only from the center to the outer edge.

pearlescent shade applied to the inner corner of the eye, but they need to put a tiny amount.The transition from black to need to carefully pearlescent shade.In fact, the use of pearlescent shades in makeup Smoky Eyes does not necessarily and quite difficult, because use is not necessarily pearlescent shade.

gray or light beige shade used on the area of ​​the upper eyelid to the eyebrow from the crease, the boundary between them and the other shades and feathered.Thus it turns smooth transition of colors.The lower eyelid is covered with light shadows, they are applied a thin strip and feathered across the lash line.This shading is the main feature of this makeup.Thanks to her, the effect created by overflow from one color to another.

After applying shadows need to make up the eyelashes mascara, it should be carefully paint over each cilium, not sparing mascara.And lower and upper lashes need thicker paint at the outer edge, while trying to make it over the entire length fluffy as possible.

Ends makeup applying blush pastel shades, almost transparent.Wide brush for the powder need to walk around the eyes to brush away excess crumbled shadows.Next, you need to use a powder, powder first area under the eyes, then - all over his face.Lips lipstick to paint is not bright, as the main focus of makeup smokey eyes ice goes.

follow these tips, you will always know how to make beautiful makeup.If everything is done just so makeup will look perfect on any person, effectively emphasizing the eyes.