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purchasing clothes for yourself or a child, buying any item as a gift, we often encounter such a problem as the inability to understand what is the size indicated on the label to the product, how to translate the Latin abbreviations in the usual centimeters.Come to the aid of special tables of measures and standards.

What is clothing size

Beneath it is considered to be a special code that usually consists of letters of the alphabet or numbers and designates certain parameters of the human body (the volume of the chest or hips, waist, arm length, the girth of the neck, etc.) Measured in linear proportion.In the production of various types of clothing, shoes, hats, underwear, firms and companies oriented to the designed system size and sew their products in accordance with them.For the convenience of customers and organizing the implementation of the goods, finished products are hung on the label indicating the size, volume, etc.Shoe size is usually indicated on the sole or inside on the insole.

system sizes

dimensions on products from European manufacturers do not always coincide with the size of clothes in Russia.This is due to different standards of units taken as the initial reference point.The European System of uniform standards (EN) are centimeters in Russia sizes of men's shirts, underwear, etc.governed by a special guest.

Some explanations

Now compare the parameters of Russian and Western settlements:

  • Clothing sizes for toddlers (vests, sliders, caps, etc.) from European producers are included in the categories of products with the code "XXS"that stands for eXtra eXtra Small - very, very small.IeIf your wardrobe is an abbreviation tag "XXS", it is clear that it is products for babies.
  • "XS" - mark indicates that the product also falls into the category of very small, but somewhat larger than the preceding: eXtra Small.
  • single letter "S" characterizes the clothing as a small or baby: Small.
  • Latin "M" on the clothing indicates that this product is classified as medium size - Medium.
  • letter "L" (Large) usually put on the clothes of large sizes.
  • size "XL" - eXtra Large - corresponds to a very large Specify clothes.

comparison of Russian and European sizes

Knowing your standard size by Russian standards and compliance with the System EN, you can easily understand, have any vending fit new thing.

  • Men's sizes

Standards men's size begins with "XS" - very small.It is understandable, because the clothing of "very, very small" goes without distinction of sex.Then, as usual, "little", ie"S";then "M", "L", which may be regarded as "more than average";size "XL", ie"very large", and then on the rise: "XXL", "XXXL".In digital terms, it would be as follows: for example, "XS" is the 44th, and the size "XL" 54 th."XXL", respectively, 56th.And the biggest - XXXL - 58 th.

  • Women's Sizes

parameters like the size of female to male with the only difference that they appear somewhat different figures and indicators.Size "XS" is equal to 42 mu, ieone less than the male rate.Further, the gap increases slightly and has the size "XL" is the 50th.The largest size women's clothing - 54th resolution - "XXXL".

Custom units

in the fashion industry and fashion design in addition to the accepted standards, there is also a narrow-profile differentiation.Clothing "haute couture" in this context is delimited by small and bolshemernuyu.Grading is based not only on size, but also the growth of prospective models:

  • "Bolshemernaya":

Female size "XL" - 50 minutes, and corresponds to a fairly high for women increased in 176 cm. And the biggest indicator- "4XL": 56/182.In male models marking requirement is also very wide.It begins with the letters "S", ie"small" and ends with "5XL".Range of growth begins and ends 170 cm 182 cm, and size - from 46 th to 60 th.Clothing size "XL" male pattern matches then 52 th;

  • Low-dimensional:

In the so-called small-size standard below each the letter to combine the two sizes.IeEach model of clothes is a cross between two like-size parameter.For example, in women's samples under the letters "XS" marked 40-42 minutes, "L" - 46-48.A "XL" size of a garment in this case?Women - 48-50, for men - 50-52.

As you can see, to understand the literal-digital primudrostyah not so difficult.For the first time, of course, it is better to have at comparative grid table to avoid confusion.And when remember, you will be able to navigate without problems!