Kevlar gloves as protection

Kevlar - a synthetic fiber, which is the scientific name of "aramid, polyparaphenylene terephthalamide."In 1965, he developed the US company DuPont.Due to its high strength (3620 MPa), the unique protective properties, low weight and plasticity, Kevlar is widely used in various fields.This material is able to withstand long-term impact and other loads, it is not deformed.

1970-x safe and reliable under extreme conditions Kevlar put to commercial production.However, at the beginning it was designed for reinforcing tires of vehicles in order to increase their strength and to reduce weight.Now continue this successful practice, as well as reinforced fiber-optic and copper cables to prevent them tearing and stretching, mixed fabrics - to impart resistance to cutting and abrasion resistance.In particular, such fabrics are made protectors in athletes and military clothing, helmets and protective Kevlar gloves.Army, many countries have adopted and Kevlar, using its mechanical properties, is actively used in

military equipment and security services.A striking example of such use are bullet-proof vests.

All items of Kevlar are highly heat-resistant and resistant to acids and alkalis.An excellent solution are cotton gloves with Kevlar thread: in dangerous and hazardous work, which is associated with the possibility of cuts glass or sheet metal, permanent contact with hot objects (up to 100 ° C), in the food industry, mechanical engineering, transport glass and other types of activities theyirreplaceable.Kevlar gloves just designed to protect the hands from cuts during, for example, cutting a mass of fish, poultry, meat, fruits and vegetables.They are lightweight and comfortable - in their hands "breathe", flexible enough to maintain the sensitivity of the hands and allow to work with small details, as well as provide excellent grip - wet (oiled) and dry.These gloves are available without a single seam and different sizes, so everyone can get a simple remedy.Kevlar gloves can be used not only as a conventional glove, but also as a lining, and as technical.They do not require special care.You can wash them at 40 ° C with neutral detergent and drying should be at room temperature.You may wish to hand them to the dry cleaners.After repeated use and washings gloves (mittens) Kevlar retain their protective properties, shape and appearance, and so their life is great.

has proven himself in various activities Kevlar is used in sports.Skiers, race car drivers, motorcycle racers and baseball players are happy to use Kevlar gloves.Their stiffness, impact resistance and heat resistance can reduce the number of injuries or even avoid them.

But Kevlar along with the undeniable advantages and has a number of drawbacks.At relatively high temperatures (430-480 ° C) it decomposes, and at a temperature greater than 150 ° C loses its strength.The heating rate and duration, of course, also play a role.Thus, over 70 hours of exposure to a temperature of about 250 ° C Kevlar gloves will lose 50% of its strength.At low temperatures (-190 ° C), on the contrary, the strength and elasticity are maintained.But in everyday life it is impossible to create an environment that would destroy the molecular structure of Kevlar.