The best choice for enthusiasts option "cheap and cheerful" - camouflage birch

The use of camouflage in military affairs - a relatively new trend.Prior to the development of communication, the form of the soldiers was causing colors.It seems nonsense, because a soldier in red is much easier to hit a note and bypass manёvr.Vsego 100-150 years ago, the characteristics of weapons, combat tactics and lack of communication left with only one option command to control the situation on the field - visual.When it began to flourish long-range rifles, artillery and aircraft and a penalty ceased to be the main indestructible force, intelligent men of that time had the idea about the necessity of masking agents.Imagine this situation: the First World, old school hussars in the trenches.That even think he stick his head and inspect the battlefield.High feather on the cap and its noble color, even the blind will indicate where he was going to do.

Types camouflage began to develop harmless.Initially, it was a one-color form the color of the environment.Colors - up from a dirty khaki or dark gr


During the Second World War, camouflage got his start in the low development.One of the most simple and effective, even to this day masking tools - a camouflage "birch".The need for it sharply manifested when the Soviet commanders became obvious need for greater use of masking agents.At that time, the Union has been the type of camouflage coveralls "amoeba", however, in contrast to the direct competitors from Germany, where they are less widely used.And in the 44th year, when the enemy were night-vision devices, camouflage for the future began to take shape is more or less the modern requirements.

Camouflage "Birch" was to break the silhouette of a man, deforming it, not decrypt in the infrared range.In order to most effectively carry out these functions, it was selected digital pattern.Many people confuse this definition, so it is clear it.Digital camouflage called palette which is similar to the configuration of the pixels on the screen.Of course, when creating camouflage "birch", this definition no one thought, just follow the task - to make a simple, cheap and cheerful.It is desirable so that the pattern of camouflage pattern can be corny knock on a sheet of plywood with a chisel.By the way, few people know that camouflage "birch", unwittingly, has become one of the world's first digital camouflage.

The result was a very interesting thing.Camouflage available in two variations - camouflage cloak and jacket + pants.PET has become a camouflage cloak.He coped well with their tasks, in addition, it was a two-way.Each side had its own specialization.Example: during the day you could wear one side, and in the twilight of a turn coat (inner side has a different coloring) and get even more effective camouflage.

Later Camouflage "birch" were additional buttonhole to sew in order to further mask the fighters, inserting in them branches or tufts of grass.Well, that is a bit surprising for a "scoop", wanting everything to simplify and reduce the cost, do not forget about the fighters - in a bathrobe even has a special "out" not to unmask in relief.

turned out very well.If you take an interest in the Internet, what kind of camouflage photos you prove its effectiveness.