Black shirt - clothes for all occasions

With the onset of warm seasons black shirt catches the eye quite often.If you want to buy it, take your time.Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of such clothing for men.

According to many women, black shirt is sexy and looks good on the stronger sex.Most of all it fits blond hair and brown.

dark shirt, tight-fitting sports figure, always emphasize the dignity of the body.And hide the fullness of help nepritalennye black shirt.Men's figures are not all perfect, especially after forty years.

This garment can equally well be used as a casual and festive.Classic is always in fashion.

If a person loves to eat and drink, then automatically solve the problem of what to give men's shirts.Black - the best choice for those who often spoil yourself fat, wine or coffee spills on clothing.

shirts combined with black pants or even shorts in various shades.Black shirt with white, red, yellow, blue tie fit under a jacket of any color.If not proglazhena shirt, it is not very noticeable.In addition, b

lack shirt easily satisfied with this content.

have such clothing is only one drawback - it quickly fade in the sun.

If you are undecided, let's talk about how to choose a black shirt.No matter how much worth this garment, it is better to buy in the store.Firstly, it can be safely and without fuss to try on a shirt and even pick up her anything else.Second thing, bought in a store, a week can be brought back if keep the receipt (in case you do not want).And third, the most important thing is quality.The fashionable shops rarely sell fakes.

luck, high-quality black shirt can be purchased on the market.

It is advisable to purchase cotton shirts.This material is easy to determine by touch.If you feel the hand of synthetic impurities, remove the product inside out and look for a tag.It must be specified percentage of cotton (cotton) and synthetic polyurethane fiber (spandex).Better inscription on one hundred percent cotton content.At the worst, it should be at least eighty percent.If you buy a black shirt made of synthetics, prepare for the fact that it will block the airflow to the body.About these clothes say that she "does not breathe".

is important to carefully read the information on the label on the inside of the product.If not indicated wash temperature above thirty degrees, then applied cheap dyes are harmful to health.Trendy look this shirt may disappear after three washings.

On the back of the shirt, read the seam.Threads do not need to hang around.Quality product involves a neat overcast, no puffs and nodules.

When buying pay attention to the buttons, the snake, the insertion.It is advisable to do without metal.Faulty material is oxidized and changes color when exposed to air and water.Ideal - black shirt without a pattern.

make a mistake, you can even sluachae, if you buy a shirt in a store.So you'd better get yourself and make tailoring material in the studio.