Women's jackets - buy the right things

have any of the fair sex in the locker room have to be warm and comfortable winter jacket.Women's jackets are very popular among young girls and older ladies.Today it is the most purchased type of clothing.In such a huge advantage over the jacket or coat sheepskin coat.Modern technologies allow to manufacture fabrics retain heat even with very strong frosts.Women's winter jackets are light, durable and practical, and most importantly - they are affordable.

Buying a warm jacket, do not get lost in a huge range and follow our recommendations and advice.

1. Choose jackets for women filler

Who would not say that, but this kind of clothing should be filled with down.And it's not even because of the name, but because the down warms better than other heaters.So we consider women down jackets filled with down.If the last put clothes in a single layer, then it can be worn at a temperature of up to ten degrees below zero.For skiing it is perfect.To severe frosts fit more warm jackets - down jackets women wit

h two or more layers of fluff, which "breathe" and retains heat better syntepon, but the latter is a serious competitor in the offseason.

2. Choose a jacket according to the labels

If the manufacturer produces high-quality products, be sure to down jackets will be accompanied by information and a sample of the filler.On the label of the brand down jacket must specify the form and composition of the filler material.

When buying pay attention to the words "100% down» on the sample down.This is the best choice for winter.The inscription means that in down jackets used exclusively poultry feathers and the feathers are absent in the vehicle.Sorry, but such products - a rarity.In most cases, manufacturers add 15% of the pen in addition to the fluff.

3. Choose manufacturer

Sure, the palm goes to Canada.In this country produce winter outerwear fabric with a titanium coating that provides excellent wear-resistant quality and protects from the wind.Fillers Canadian products consist of eider down, which is laid in multiple layers.Weather in Canada is cold and windy, so the people of this country never skimp on down jacket, in which quality can be assured.

in our country and in Europe, too, you can buy women's winter jackets good quality.Especially succeeded in this Finland - a country with a cold climate.When choosing branded products need to look carefully at the line and other items to prevent counterfeiting.

4. Select the number of women's jackets quilted blocks

quilted blocks shall not be more than 20 cm to not fluff donkey and better retain heat.Filling in these cells should be a good move, compress and decompress quickly.If the block after the deformation does not take long the original look, this indicates low quality lint and unevenness of its distribution.If you suddenly feel tingling when you click on a block, then down jacket into too many feathers.

Choose quality women's jacket!