The problem of choice: Size L, M, X and XL?

T-shirt - it's the hottest item of outerwear.We put on T-shirts, going on nature, rest.As clothes for home 80% of people prefer to just a T-shirt.Even on the work of its many gladly put on.And T-shirts have no age, no gender, no weight.She loved children, young men, women and even the elderly.Due to successfully picked up a T-shirt, a figure of its owner can be slimmer, sportier, sexier.Conversely, poorly chosen style or size can spoil even the most perfect beauty.How to choose the size of the t-shirts?

Most often we see on the label: size M, size L, or even steeper XXXL.What do these letters?Perhaps, M - is a small, but size L is what?Large or medium?Even more frightening look letters XXXL.But, as the great Carlson: "Calm, just calm!".It's pretty simple.

To accurately determine the size of the desired T-shirt, use common measuring tape.So, wrap the ribbon around his chest.Now look closely at the place of the beginning of the tape with a scale on it.The number that you see there, and will be your k

ey to determining the size of the T-shirts.

Suppose you are a representative of the beautiful half.Measuring the girth of your chest, you see the number 76 cm. This means that you do that will suit T-shirt XS size or 40-42 by Russian standards.If you could see the number of eighty, then you certainly need to buy the t-shirt size S (44-46).If the circumference is equal to eighty-eight centimeters safely purchase size M (or 46-48).T-shirts Size L corresponds to the Russian 48-50.Size L can buy if your chest girth is between eighty-eight to ninety-six centimeters.At 97-100 cm - the size of T-shirt would be 50-52 or XL, at 101-104 cm -52-54 or XXL.

If you are a man, you should be guided by a slightly different scale.The letters used in determining the size of the same, but slightly different numerical range.Let us consider in more detail.

Metering male chest circumference showed 98 centimeters, know that you will approach a T-shirt size S (or 44-46), 99-100 cm - size M (or 46-48).Size L (or 48-50) will sit perfectly on the man chest which range from 101 to 110 centimeters.Shirt Size XL will fit in the Russian 50-52 chest girth from 111 to 118 cm. Or greater size XXL (52-54) need to acquire a man with a chest girth of no more than 122 cm. Anything greater than this number - XXXL andas they say, "should be measured."

If you do not have tape measures or do not want to bother measurements and ratios, just look at the size on the label of your most successful t-shirt.You have seen, for example, the dimension L, select the item in the store of the same size.Most likely that she will suit you best.However, do not forget that stroprotsentnuyu guarantee a perfect fit can only fitting t-shirt you like.Even if you have to re-measure more than a dozen T-shirts in different sizes and styles, well-chosen item will pay for all your efforts.Perhaps in the future it is this T-shirt label will tell you the correct size selection.Have a nice shopping to you!