Determine the English shoe sizes

Internet trade in recent years is gaining more and more popularity.A particular demand among our compatriots are clothing and shoes purchased in British stores.Many women here are updated wardrobe not only for themselves but for their children and husbands.And to complete the purchase brings only a pleasure, it is necessary to know how to relate to the Russian and British shoe sizes.

To avoid mistakes, it is necessary to measure the size of the foot.For this purpose, a ruler is to arm and attach it to the foot.Size is defined as the maximum distance between the extreme point of the heel and the most protruding finger.These data allow you to compare the Russian and British shoe sizes.

In Russia, as the unit uses millimeters for the convenience of customers who often converted to centimeters.In England, the manufacturers use inches.Thus for size zero is accepted foot length characteristic of the newborn child.On average data, the figure is 4 inches.To get the next size, you need to add to the previou

s 1/3 inch or 8.5 mm.Knowing this, you can easily correlate the Russian and British shoe sizes.

For your convenience, there are special tables that allow us to determine the size of the British shoe based on the length of the foot.This greatly simplifies the selection sequence of shoes or sandals.

is worth noting that the size of the British children's shoes are different from adults or even teenagers.Therefore, if you decide to buy shoes for his three year old daughter, best direction length of the foot rather than the calculated value.So, if your leg at the girls will 15cm, you will need to purchase a size 7.For women's shoes, he will match the foot, equal to 265 mm.If while shopping you prefer shtihmassovuyu system, the first example of children's sneakers it comes to size 24, and the second - about the length of the foot 40. However, in this case, would be a more reliable way to select the appropriate pair.

It should also be noted that the English shoe sizes from various manufacturers may vary slightly.In that case, if you purchased your sandals a well-known brand, and a pair of perfect "walked" before purchasing the shoes of another company, it is desirable to explore the dimension table again.Quite often, there may be slight variations in size, the presence of which may be the reason that the new shoes will reap you a little or a fall from his feet.

Special attention is given the fullness of the legs.It is known, can be very diverse.Many women, whose legs sufficiently complete, refrain from buying via the Internet is due to the fact that there is a possibility that the new sandals are not suitable for completeness.So ladies better to abandon the online services and purchase your favorite pair only after careful fitting.Fortunately now you can buy shoes from different manufacturers, without leaving their hometown.