Poluboks - hairstyle for fashion

in the art of hairdressing there are classic hairstyles that never go out of fashion.These include the poluboks.Mowing the popular with middle-aged men and young people.Its appearance is connected with boxing: cut earlier so just athletes.

This haircut is practical and convenient, it is - the standard of masculinity and beauty.In the summer, it is simply irreplaceable.For its implementation need an electric machine, comb and scissors.

poluboks - haircut, which is under the power and the newcomer, it does not require any special care.Edging double.The first runs along the border of the temporal and occipital areas, and the second - at the back, on the bottom of the hairline.

Phased implementation work

Let's analyze in detail the steps of shearing:

  1. First you need to wash and comb your hair.To send them from the top of the neck.
  2. head divided into zones.To do this, draw a horizontal parting through the upper central part of the head from ear to ear.Side area should be separated by vertical lin
  3. poluboks - haircut, which must begin with a frontal-parietal area.The first strand should be otchesat horizontally around the forehead.Line carried out parallel to the edge of the hair growth.This control lock.It must be cut straight cut, leaving a length of no more than five centimeters, with a sling to ninety degrees.At the same time hold the scissors perpendicular to the strands.
  4. Cutting hair strand by strand, separating them with horizontal parting, they must be parallel to each other.Delay strictly ninety degrees.The level of the overall cut is aligned to the previous strands.
  5. Temporomandibular side areas to handle similarly.
  6. start clipping neck.Occipital zone horizontal parting split into two parts: upper and lower.The first thing to cut supraoccipital area.Long hair is aligned in terms of the cut-frontal parietal strands.The lower part of the neck nullify the "no" machine.It is necessary to monitor the smoothness of the cutoff line.
  7. the end comb hair cut.Run edging completely on the head.
  8. As a result, you should get a haircut poluboks (photo).

poluboks mowing: Tips

Stylists say that men who have thin and long face, hair cut so it is not necessary.And here are some more tips:

  • hair from the line of edging on the neck and temples cut electric or manual machine;
  • poluboks - haircut (See photo. Above) that runs on the hair longer than 5 cm;
  • level height of the hair depends on the shape of the occipital ridge;
  • locks sheared so that the shape of the head visually align (become oval);
  • hair treated carefully clean all the flaws and long hairs.

poluboks - haircut, which is a real art.With the help of the image may be bold or, conversely, elegant.Hairdressers podstrigut you quickly and professionally.At home, to perform poluboks not require specialized tools and devices.Therefore, we can try to commit yourself to the hands of households.Be bold and always look great!