How to care for Face Properly

Regardless of age, all women want to be beautiful and attractive.Some of them spend a lot to maintain the beauty of effort, time and money, and quite some 15 minutes a day to always look great.

How to care for the person right?

Beauty is not only a great figure, well-groomed hair and make-up right.First of all, the visual appeal - a healthy, beautiful skin.Therefore, to always be charming, you must first take care of your face.Especially important is the care of the person after 30, when the skin needs extra care.

Many believe that know exactly how to care for a person, but often these are superficial knowledge.Even the best cream may be useless, if it is selected will not be taken into account particularly of the skin.Therefore, before use, one or another means, you must correctly identify the type of your skin.

Dry facial skin is sensitive to all external influences whether it is cold air or washing with soap and water.It can often cause discomfort in the form of its owner or peeling a sense of

"tightness".To avoid such consequences, means of skin care should focus on hydration and nutrition, cosmetics and cleaning should be used as much as possible soft.Fatty cream must be chosen, and they should be applied morning and evening.From the use of active cleansers and soaps should be abandoned altogether.Clean dry skin using lotions and cosmetic milk.Apply serum and moisturizing sprays.To equalize the tone of the person using cream tonal base.Pay special attention to dry skin before going out.Especially if there is frost or vice versa, the summer heat.Funds with UV filter reliably prevent the skin from drying.Special attention is given nourishing mask.They moisturize the skin, smooth it and make it more resistant to environmental factors.

Oily skin often poses as an unpleasant shine and enlarged pores.In addition, it is subject to acne.Accordingly, a skin care involves intensive cleaning.Pick care products with active degreasing and antibacterial components.But do not use an alcohol too often.Scrubs and peels with active cleaning components of the perfect solution for oily skin.But only if it is free of spots and foci of inflammation.Before how to care for a person with oily skin, go through examination by a doctor, and then you will be able to choose the tools that will not only hide the visible flaws, but also to restore the normal condition of the skin.

addition to cleansing, pay attention to nutrition and hydration oily skin.To do this, try to trim light gel tools and apply them only on the well-cleaned skin.

If the facial skin is combined, that is prone to oily in the T-zone and dry in the area of ​​the cheeks, the care it should take into account its heterogeneity.Most often, to take care of their skin to use strong cleaning agents in the area of ​​the forehead, nose and chin, and soft to eat in the area of ​​the cheeks and around the eyes.You can use a universal means.The main thing is to get all the facial skin care range of actions: cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition.So do not forget the toning and hydrating mask.

And, of course, deciding how to care for a person, do not forget about age.Since the mature skin needs a lot of care, which includes rejuvenation, lifting and drainage.