How to care for skin to look young

Skin care at a young age, it is cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition.But in a more mature age, facial skin requires more careful care.In fact, after 30 years, the skin is subject to aging, and a timely support to avoid the appearance of wrinkles, sagging and the formation of age spots.

First of all, choosing the means to care for the skin, give preference to anti-aging cosmetics.The walk in its composition substances that stimulate the production of collagen, which will reduce the visible wrinkles and make skin more elastic.Choosing anti-aging agents, not get carried away preparations with a high content of hormones and tightens substances.Because the skin quickly becomes accustomed to their exposure and eventually will not be able to remain beautiful without them.Better before care for your skin, choose a product with a complex of natural antioxidants vitamins and nutrients.

addition to the special funds, pay attention to protect the skin from drying and exposure to UV rays.To do this, use a barr

ier cream with high moisturizing, nourishing masks and tools that protect a person from the negative effects of sunlight.Well protects against ultraviolet powder or tonal basis with reflective particles.Apply it on the face before each leave home.

special massage helps improve circulation and skin tone.As a contrast washing and rubbing the face with ice cubes.And the ice is better prepared from herbal infusions or green tea.Then, its impact will be most effective.

particular note is the skin around the eyes.It is the most sensitive and therefore requires special, attentive care.Special agents with filters, moisten it well and make eye more youthful.
Even if you follow the rules facials at home, no harm will consult a professional beautician.He will tell you how to care for the skin, if you're over 30 and advise the necessary procedures and care.
In the body of a mature woman, toxins and radicals accumulate much faster.They do not affect the overall condition of the skin, so try to pay more attention to their nutrition.Eat more fortified food and drink green tea, which helps to eliminate toxins and other harmful substances.After all, before you take care of the skin, it is necessary to help the body in self-development of antioxidants.

In addition, the skin gets thinner with age, and more than ever needs additional moisture.Use moisturizing creams at least twice a day and maintain the body's normal water balance.For this it is necessary to drink per day for at least two liters of liquid.But do not abuse drink at night.This can lead to swelling of the face.During the day, use a moisturizing spray that can be applied even over makeup.Do not forget about nourishing serum.

choosing how to care for oily skin after reaching 30 years of age, watch facial cleansing.Try to limit the use of peeling and scrub.Avoid soap, replacing it with a cleansing milk or lotion.Do not use alcohol-containing cosmetics for face, even if the skin is prone to the appearance of oily sheen.

Try to limit the use of decorative cosmetics, as it is not always a positive effect on the skin.

Knowing how to care for skin after 30, you will be able to permanently preserve its charm and natural beauty.