Face Mask - select the one that suits you!

Face masks - a great way to moisturize, cleanse and tone the skin in just a few minutes.You can buy ready-made mask or use a homemade tool.Before using a special mask, be sure to clean the skin from cosmetics.Impose a thin layer of makeup, without rubbing, and evenly distributed over the entire surface.To mask has brought the greatest positive effect, consider the features of the skin.

masks for oily skin is usually directed at its deep cleansing.

their own, they often are made with bran, oatmeal, honey and clay.Often they add the lemon juice.Generally, the most active components of the mask to the face, is salicylic acid.Such mask tightens pores, relieve inflammation, remove excess fat.You can not use them more than 3 times a week, but there are no restrictions on age.

Masks for dry skin is used for hydration and nutrition.It can be almost any mask, but it is better if they will be composed of oils, extracts of fruits and herbs.By making such a mask at home, you can use sour cream or mayonnaise.I

nstead of water, mixing the components more suitable milk or herbal decoction.Masks for dry skin should not only moisturize, but also soften irritated skin.They can be used at any age.

Masks for normal or combination skin are designed to nourish, tone and maintain the natural oil balance.For their production is supplied virtually all the components aimed at cleansing and moisturizing.
Rejuvenating facial masks should contribute to regeneration, so their composition in addition to chemicals that slow the aging process should include natural antioxidants.At home, for the preparation of anti-aging masks often use dairy products, pulp of fruits and vegetables, various oils (sesame, almond, and so on. D.), Egg yolk, lanolin, beeswax and other products available.Use of such a face mask is recommended to 30 years and not more than 3 times per week.

Drainage mask helps to quickly remove edema.Included in their composition natural plant extracts (eg, green tea), quickly eliminate the excess moisture from the skin.Apply such masks as necessary at any age.
Masks lifting make the skin tighter, their constituent algae extracts and aloe vera make facial contours clearer.Applied modeling masks 1 - 2 times a month.

All masks differ not only by the composition and direction of action, and the application method.Any mask as cream cleansers and usually hydrating mask.Masks foam, often used for toning the skin, due to their light structure.A silicone and non-woven masks are mainly used for rejuvenation.

In addition, there are washed off, ie those which are washed with water after use and soak up those remnants of which after use are rubbed into the skin or removed with a cotton swab, a mask and a mask film, and solidifying.

There are masks that are applied only in specialized stores, with the participation of professional beautician.They differ in the complexity of the application and more active substances.

Before choosing a firming, anti-aging or a deep cleansing mask is desirable to consult with your doctor, because the wrong choice of face masks can have unpleasant consequences for your skin.

If you buy your own mask, carefully read its destination, expiration date, its component parts, manner of use and age restrictions.