Traditional Recipes of Beauty - Recall Secrets of our grandmothers

About how important to women skin care even know our grandmothers.Several beauty recipes handed down to us from the last century and is now used.
recipes for dry skin.

Dry skin is very bad not only transfers heat or cold, but washing.Therefore, instead of soap, following the advice of my grandmother, using egg yolk mixed with burdock.Apply it on the face and neck and rinse with warm water.After washing the skin is not this just will not peel off, but will become more smooth and radiant.

For additional humidification can use other people's money on skin care products that are perfectly nourish and soften dry skin.
Mustard mask.Mix equal amount of dry mustard and oil.Add a little water.The resulting mush hold on the face for about 5 minutes and rinse.After using the mask, use mustard usual moisturizer.

Curd mask.A spoonful of honey melt in a water bath and mix with a spoon of natural yogurt.If the resulting mixture is too thick, add warm milk.Keep a face mask to about 15 minutes.
mask of flax seeds.Pour a glass of water a teaspoon of flaxseed and simmer until thick.The cooked mush cool, after which it can be applied to the skin.After 10 minutes of use, this mask will make your skin very soft.
recipes for oily skin.

used to cleanse oily skin popular recipes beauty, helping to restore the balance of neutral fat, narrow pores and reduce inflammation.So, to calm irritated skin, Wash lungwort broth, cooked in the ratio of 10 grams lungwort a glass of water.This broth will remove the inflammation and the skin will dry slightly.

For a more thorough skin care prone to fat content, use the following beauty recipes from our grandmothers:

Egg mask.Grind two tablespoons of fresh sorrel and mix with one protein.This mass apply on face and wash off after a few minutes.Protein oxalic mask does not only get rid of fat, but also a little bleach the skin.

Cabbage mask.The ground sauerkraut apply on face and cover the top with a soft cloth or tissue.Hold for about half an hour and rinse with cool water.After using a mask, use a nourishing cream.

Tomato mask.Prepare a slurry from the pulp of a ripe tomato and use it as a mask.It perfectly cleanses the skin and pores.
Recipes for combination skin.

For the combined skin care agents can be used for oily and dry skin using them appropriately in problem areas.But you can use and universal beauty recipes suitable for all skin:
Carrot mask.Finely grated carrots, mix with egg yolk.To add density of potato flour.The resulting mixture was hold on the face for 20 minutes, then rinse with hot water first and then cold.Mask perfectly smoothes the skin.Ideal for frequent use
Semolina mask.Mix two tablespoons of semolina protein.Use as a mask.After her combination skin will be well cleaned and moisturized.
recipes for refreshing the skin.

Sometimes any skin becomes dull, then it will help you brush up on these beauty recipes:

mask with aloe.The pulp of aloe, mix with egg yolk.The mixture is applied to the face and neck three times at intervals of three minutes.After applying the third layer, wait 10 minutes and rinse mask.

Pumpkin Mask.Rub a small pumpkin pulp and add hot milk.Heat the mixture in a water bath for density and add oatmeal or oat flour.Thick paste, apply on face and wash off after 10 minutes.

All these folk remedies for skin care, checked more than one generation of women.And not for nothing that they are called recipes for beauty, because after their application to your skin will return the natural beauty and radiance.