Hand Care - How and what to do right?

Your skin frequently exposed to unpleasant effects of the environment, so that often shelled, rapidly aging and covered with fine wrinkles.In order to preserve the youthfulness of the skin of hands you need to stick to simple rules for the care of her.

first step in the fight for the youth of the skin of hands, of course, is to purify.To do this, use a variety of scrubs and chemical peels.Step scrub based on the mechanical effects using natural or polymeric particles.It exfoliates dead skin cells and gently massage it, improving circulation.At home, you can cook scrub of ground coffee.Chemical peels clean the skin of hands thanks to emollients.They also increase the tone of the skin and saturate it with vitamins, caring for hands simultaneously powered.

Immediately after cleansing, the skin must be moistened.To do this, there are a lot of funds.You can use creams and masks, nourishing serum, oil compresses and baths.They are well moisturize the skin, making it insensitive to temperature changes and

the action of detergents.In the home of the very popular bath of warmed olive oil or sunflower oil.Masks and moisturizing compresses necessarily be applied daily, but hand care, carried out with the help of creams should be permanent.Especially good are Nourishing Night Cream.They tend to be fatter and applied and applied abundantly.

Once your skin is cleansed and moisturized, you must take care of its protection.To do this, use special creams with UV protection, they envelop your hands with a protective film, preventing direct sunlight and other negative factors.Protective cream is applied, before leaving the house.
Besides cleansing, moisturizing and protection, hand care sometimes involves bleaching.Many nourishing creams often contain antipigmentnye substance.At home whitening skin hand made using lemon juice.
addition to caring means, hands need special gymnastics, which improves blood circulation and relieves tension well.
Even the most careful home care for your hands, it is desirable to combine with the help of specialists.Only a professional can properly master a massage and treat okolonogtevogo zone, avoiding the appearance of burr formation and inflammation.The difference in home and professional care is used in salons specialized tools and equipment.However, home care plus is that you can hand care using natural ingredients and at any time.Even at night, before going to bed if oil or grease the hands nourishing cream and wear cotton gloves.In the morning, taking off the gloves, you will notice a significant improvement in your hands.

Very good caring hands of homemade mask.Most often they are made of honey, egg yolk, vegetables and fruits.Before applying the mask, it is desirable nutritional steam brush in herbal or salt bath and clean the pores using scrub.

And of course, in addition to care, try to protect your pens.Wear leaving on ulitsuv cold season mittens or gloves, and at home during cleaning and washing dishes, use rubber gloves.If you do household chores you do not have gloves handy, apply a thick layer on your hands any cream.You can use the children.

timely hand care, make it soft and tender.A protected skin is never covered with wrinkles prematurely.