Dry skin?

Owners dry skin can boast of its evenness, beautiful color and the absence of acne even in puberty.But apart from the merits of dry skin, there are many disadvantages.She is constantly dry, scaly.She previously wrinkles.However, such troubles can be avoided, it is enough to properly care for it.

To begin with we shall understand why some women's skin is prone to dryness.The main reason - the lack of secretion of the sebaceous glands.But sometimes it leads to dry properly selected cosmetics and lack of moisture.And with age skin type can vary.From greasy, it can become dry and vice versa.
primary care, which need dry skin is moisturizing.But to help the skin should be not only superficial cosmetics, and the entire body.In order for there was always enough water, drink plenty of fluids: at least 2 liters a day.Do not shower too often, the impact of water leads to excessive drying of the skin.Soap in general should be excluded from the list of cosmetics for face and body.During the shower, use a mild moi

sturizing gels and face cleansing milk or oil.For example, children.
not abuse sunburn, it will lead to the fact that dry skin begins to peel and crack.Before each going out, apply on face and exposed body sunscreen.At the same time, try not to use loose powder, especially in winter.It is very dry skin
Try as little as possible to visit swimming pools and saunas.Chlorinated pool water and heat in the steam room, can harm the skin.
As for creams, make sure you use the fat.Since the light cream and gel funds very quickly absorbed and the skin instead of good cause even more damage.Apply cream with gentle movements, without stretching the skin.

Nourishing moisturizer on the face should be applied at least 2 times a day, and body lotion is desirable to apply after every shower.Milk cream or lotion for the body to be designed for dry skin.Well, if it will be composed liposomes or ceramides - substances that prevent the evaporation of moisture.Apply moisturizing protective means better immediately after bathing, when the skin has more moisture.Because of this, the dry skin of the body, will remain supple and fresh

Do not use strong cleaning agents, such as peeling or scrub if you have dry skin of the face and body.The strong it does not need cleaning, but chemicals and coarse particles in the composition of scrubs and peels may even injure the delicate skin.

Use a moisturizing mask once a week.They have a profound effect, and can revitalize even the driest skin.Choose a mask based on oils, egg yolk, fruits and vegetables.Also good cream and honey mask.Moisturizers can buy in a drugstore or specialty store, but you can make yourself at home.

example, strawberry juice, mix with glycerin in a ratio of 3: 1, and let it brew.Then add oatmeal to the density of the mixture and whisk together.Strawberry juice, which is part of the domestic cream is very rich in vitamins, glycerin and is known as one of the best moisturizers.

Enhanced care is a must if you have dry skin, but all actions aimed at maintaining invariably will have the desired impact.And your skin will surprise surrounding his smoothness and freshness.