Children curtain - how to choose the right

The house appeared kid, and around this little angel fly the whole family, trying to arrange his life and personal space well.Tenderness family spend more than one hour of deliberation design, selection of the most suitable accessories and decorative items, which are not only beautiful, useful and safe.Every detail in the room is very important: the best furniture from environmentally friendly material, the color of the walls and curtains.

best option for children's curtains

in a shop window you liked wonderful children's curtains in pale pink flowers?Do not forget that choosing attire for the child window, it is necessary to bear in mind such factors as gender and age of the child.Know that what is good for a two-year toddler, impractical and undesirable for the five-year child, student or adolescent.Someone thinks pastel bit boring and old-fashioned, but there is some sense in the selection of pale pink and blue bedroom infants.These shades create a soothing atmosphere.Avoid bright colors and patt

erns, they contribute to hyperactivity, lack of sleep and anxiety.If you are preparing the room in advance and did not know the sex of the baby, you can choose a soothing lavender, which is suitable for everyone and has a calming effect.Small children older than one year love all bright and colorful (photo 1).It looks particularly red and blue curtain with images of children's cartoon characters or thematic toys that stimulate intellectual development.Of course, if the child is hyperactive, the best option will be the curtain color coral or peach, which casts a soft pink shade on the ceiling and walls.These colors are not only stimulate intellectual development, but also to give a sense of safe space.For adolescents, it is best to consult with the child himself before choosing something.As a general rule, as they mature tastes and preferences of boys and girls quite different.They like totally different things: try to hang red curtains with a delicate floral pattern in possession of the boy.Negative response is obvious.The same is true of the other party.Children's curtains for girls (Photo 2) is mainly made of lightweight material, openwork tulle frills and bows, choosing the fabric of gentle light shades.And if you live in one room heterosexual children, try the gender neutral colors with geometric patterns that satisfy everyone.

What should be curtains

regardless of age and gender of children, it is recommended to change the curtains every few years, to somehow update the design of the room.In addition, change the curtains are much cheaper than repaint the walls or buy other furniture.When choosing, consider the illumination of the room during the day.Children's curtains thicker tissue (photo 3) can be used in sunny areas.This is particularly important when it comes to small children who sleep in the afternoon, or teens who love to create an atmosphere of intimacy and mystery in their bedrooms.As a rule, most appropriate that the curtains were made of natural fabrics.Make sure that they are well erased and not brand.Light curtains are better than heavy drapes, children with allergies to dust mites, dyes or chemicals.However, if the room is too sunny, it is better to have a dense veil to protect the room from excessive light, or simply pick up the blinds.Safety is the most important criterion for the child.When children curtain light, it is obvious that it is less dangerous than the severe, because young children tend to pull it when learning to stand or walk, and senior hide behind it, or used as a tent during the game.Excellent solution - a short sew curtains: crawling baby does not make it up to them.And last, but not least, a factor.Buying beautiful curtains for baby, make sure they are strong, as some rascals too active.In this case, it will choose the right curtains are not very expensive, because they often have to be changed.