How to remove limescale in the kettle: a few useful tips

Before you wonder "how to remove the scum in a teapot", let's define what, strictly speaking, it should be done.What is the scale, they know everything.If you do not know, you look in any capacity in which regular water is heated to a temperature above 45 ° C, and you will see a whitish or yellowish coating.It is formed, provided that the container is not clean brushes or sponges, while the maximum is rinsed in running water.Itself is a scum deposits predominantly salts of potassium and magnesium, which are in excess of normal tap water.When heated, the liquid is in the process of mineralization and partial evaporation, resulting in a solid wall forms an insoluble precipitate.It is important to know that the more rigid is the water, the greater the scale formed on the walls.However, the use of filters or bottled water does not eliminate the problem entirely.Even the purest water contains some, albeit minimal, the amount of impurities, then plaque will appear.Therefore, you still have to solve the probl

em of how to remove the scum in a teapot.

Why remove plaque?Aside from the obvious reasons, you may find floating on the surface of tea or coffee in the form of a fine suspension, it is useful to know that the scale is quite harmful to human health.Besides the fact that some metal salts are dangerous in themselves, they can still accumulate in certain organs.For example, kidney stones are formed just like that, every stone is a crystallized substance that the body could not or did not have time to withdraw.Of course, the scale is not the cause of kidney stones, but still makes a contribution to the formation of kidney stones.

How to remove limescale in the kettle metal

housing metal kettle may come from the reaction of many chemicals, so care must be taken.A good method - boil the kettle for two hours potato peelings.But this may darken the wall.Good help wood ash, it is necessary to rub hard sponge (mechanical cleaning).This procedure is time-consuming, but quite effective.The oldest and tested means - boil tea with the addition of baking soda, then brush.The methodology and proven reliable, but in the process will produce a strong odor.

How to remove limescale in the electric kettle

Maker can be cleaned with soda or boil it with a mixture of baking soda and citric acid.The question "how to remove the scum in a teapot," there is one answer - with special cleaners."Antikipin" or "Cinderella" is perfectly clear as usual, and an electric kettle, but their use should be carefully observe the dosage, and then rinse thoroughly, just 15-20 under running water.The latter method - use carbonated water like "Fanta" and "Sprite".It is necessary to boil the drink and leave it in until cool.Scale removes fine, but once there is a question: "What do we drink this?"

So you learn not only about how to remove the scum in a teapot, but also why it should be done.And remember that prevention is better than any cleansing.It is better to once a week to wash the kettle rigid sponge with a small amount of soda than once every six months to try to clear the wall by a thick layer of plaque.