Mother's Day Celebration

Feast Day became known in Russia recently.For the first time we celebrate it began in 1998.The exact date of the celebration have not, since all the countries it is celebrated on different days.That same day, in the center of the events are held, and future moms, continuer kind nurse and guardian of the family hearth.

mother - the first word uttered by a child.Mom - the relatives and dear people in each of our lives.Feast of Mother's Day gives us the opportunity to once again thank my beloved for what they have given birth, brought up and educated us.

history of the holiday Mother's Day originated in ancient Greece.The Greeks worshiped the mother of all the gods - Gaea, gave her a tribute.The Romans, in turn, revered and worshiped Cybele east.The Celts believed for centuries their goddess Brigitte.

holiday has become widely known in the 17th century.It was at this time in England was first introduced into the final day Sunday of November for all the servants and workers, so that they can relax and

meet with their families.Mothers and nurses that day freed from all domestic duties.Also, the British had decided to organize a large feast, which brings together all members of the family from young to old.Celebration called "Mom's Sunday."The main dish on the holiday table was a "mother cake", which is baked the children for their parents.Also, mothers and grandmothers were presented eggs, flowers and gifts.The celebration is traditionally Christian, more than a religious, rather than national, but in spite of that, the day of mothers, grandmothers and nurses caught on among other religions.

tradition soon became ingrained and popular not only in England but also in other continents.In the United States, for example, the first Mother's Day holiday celebrated in 1872.With a light hand of a young resident of Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia has become a worldwide celebration.It happened because of a persistent woman began operations in support of all the mothers of America, is regularly linked with the legislative bodies and the United States has ensured that in 1910 in Virginia holiday Mother's Day became an official.Anna herself felt that did not have time to show your mom how much she loved her in life, and therefore wanted to do it even after death.Anne idea was supported by other women, which helped her to get permission for the establishment of a holiday in Congress.

Later, thanks to President Woodrow Wilson, Mother's Day has become a universal celebration of America and is celebrated annually.The idea was supported by the countries of Europe, Africa and Asia.In most countries, this day is celebrated at different times.The second Sunday in May announced a holiday in America, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, as in Ukraine, Japan, Turkey, Germany, Italy and other countries.Unfortunately, in Russia, even after several decades, not all people are aware of how and when the holiday Mother's Day is celebrated.By tradition, the Russians closer to Women's Day - March 8, while Mother's Day goes by the wayside.

Under the decree, published January 30, 1998 Russian President BorisYeltsin, the holiday Mother's Day is celebrated every year.It combines all of Russian society, reflects an idea of ​​good and thanks to mothers.

We sincerely hope that soon Mother's Day would be a good tradition, and will be celebrated in every Russian family every year, raise the status of women and mothers will be honored society narvne International Women's Day and other holidays.

Today on the bottom Mamin mention the young generations in kindergartens and schools, expanding the horizons of children, instilling in them the love, respect and care for their parents and loved ones.