The second month of life of the newborn: a dream, walking and development

From the first day of its life, the child is actively growing and developing.Mom and dad, day and night concerned about his condition, especially if the baby is only 1 month.Any parents is very important to know that they have a pipsqueak can do only what he should learn, and you need to pay special attention.

second month of life the newborn is characterized by an increase in activity.Scarce now spends in a dream 16-17,5 hours a day.This kid can watch both before and after feeding for 30 minutes - one hour.Do not miss the moment to communicate with the baby, it is so nice to see how he is trying to respond to your words and actions!At night, the child may have much longer sleep without waking up to 5 hours (or up to 6 with artificial feeding).

Child Development of the second month of life requires daily walks.If it is summer, it is recommended to carry out with the baby in the fresh air for at least 4 hours per day (2 walks of 2 hours).However, this time may be increased.So, if it is possible to f

eed a baby's on the street, the walk can last almost all day.Of course, you need to focus primarily on the situation and the mood of the child and on the weather conditions.

in the cold season is not advised to go for a walk with the baby when the thermometer drops below -10 degrees, and in the case where the blowing cold wind.Under such conditions, it is possible to come up with a baby on the porch or gazebo.If still the weather is good, then a walk on the street should last 40 to 60 minutes.

second month of life of the newborn, and is accompanied by new skills.Kid longer extends the legs and arms, they work more actively.Now he decompresses his fists.

What a bright object can not only draw attention to the crumbs, but also to seize them for a while, the child will follow his gaze, if this object is from him not too far away (no more meters).

second month of baby's life may please parents Gulen.Mom and dad can hear the long-awaited "ASU".And it is sure they will see the first smile of her child, because now it is well distinguished by their relatives from strangers and enjoys them.

development of hearing - is what also characterized the second month of life of the newborn.In the course can be sent rattles.Shake it away from the baby, and he would turn his head to the toy.However, not everything happens at once.At first he was a little calm down, as if thinking about what is going on, and then be sure to look in the direction of the sound.

Finally we list the basic skills of the child, which it acquires in this period.Thus, the second month of life of the newborn has the following skills:

  • child is able to raise his head when his mother holds him in her arms, "column", and hold it vertically a few seconds;
  • baby tightly compresses palm a small toy or other object;
  • kid trying to publish his first sounds;
  • adult smiles in response;
  • looking for the sound source, turn to him the head;
  • eyes may accompany the subject when he moves, or walking adult.

If something from this list until your baby can not do, do not worry!Always remember that every child develops at their own pace.No need to adjust it under any framework or try to adjust to the standards.