He appeared zoster in children.

Young children often get sick, and their disease progresses quickly.Therefore, parents should guard all unusual formation on their skin.The most common skin diseases appear during the warm season, because all the fungi and microorganisms like heat and moisture.It is a common skin disease ringworm in children.How to treat it?It is of interest to many parents.

Ringworm - a highly contagious disease caused by a fungus.The child may become infected by touching stray animals, or close dealing with the ill person.Ringworm manifests itself in small patches on the skin, have a different color.If time does not apply the appropriate remedy for depriving the children, the spots will grow and darken.

skin at the site of occurrence depriving flakes and itching.More discomfort this disease does not cause the child.Therefore, parents often do not immediately notice ringworm in children.How to treat it, it can identify only a doctor, because he is of several types.

most common ringworm.It is so called because it

appears on the scalp, and in this place formed a receding hairline.Another is colorful lichen, which manifests itself in the form of red, yellow and brown scaly spots.It is much less common herpes zoster, which is caused by the herpes virus, or pink, which manifests itself in the form of pale spots.

At any age, you may receive zoster in children.How to treat it, you need to find a dermatologist.He advises antifungal agent for the treatment of spots and anti-allergic, if the child has itching.Commonly prescribed drugs for oral administration, but generally the disease is treated with ointments.But most importantly - not drugs, and concomitant medications.

parents is important to know how to get shingles at the child because untreated it can spread throughout the body.It is necessary to limit the stay of patients in the
sun and in the water, so as not to provoke the appearance of new lesions.The clothes should be washed frequently and well-iron on the inside.Disinfected as necessary personal care of the child.It is advisable to remove all the soft toys and rugs, because that would result in re-infection.Encourage your child to wash their hands frequently and not to touch the affected area.

is important to follow the diet of the baby.We need to give him more vegetables, fruits and other products that enhance the immune system.Try less to bathe the child and, if excessive sweating, wipe his skin weak brine.

is very difficult to bring zoster in children.How to treat his folk remedies?You can make lotions from broth plantain, burdock and hops.Several times a day to lubricate the affected areas of sea buckthorn oil or rosehip oil.You can lubricate the spot depriving iodine or brilliant green.It helps as a permanent lubrication of cranberry juice.

Deprive a child is easier to prevent than to treat.Teach your kid to follow the rules of hygiene, do not touch stray animals.Wear it only in cotton, breathable clothing.Do not allow a long time he was in wet clothes, supercool or sweating.Only by respecting the rules of hygiene, you can protect your child from depriving.