Finger paints for children under one year: try to draw

Many mothers are engaged in the development of their children from the cradle, and try as soon as possible to begin to draw them.Once your child stops to pull all the unfamiliar objects in the mouth, it can offer finger paints.For children under one year of drawing - quite affordable classes.There is nothing wrong if your child tries to paint the taste, but it is better to wait until he stops pulling in his mouth all he sees.Many mothers tried to paint with the kids, using finger paints.Reviews of radically different.Someone may not look like a baby covered with paint, and then spoils everything.And someone has a five-month baby is ready to offer a brush and drawing paper.Somewhere in the middle lies the truth.Let's understand this.

For what and why?

Each individual child, a period when it needs to express themselves in a creative field.In children, it is bound to come from 6 months to one and a half years.It will be useful to you and finger paints for children under one year.They contribute to the

development of the world through color, tactile sensations, develop fine motor skills, tactile sensitivity, perseverance and concentration.They are safe, made from environmentally friendly components.Finger paint contribute to the development of thought and imagination of your child.Try to help them learn the names of colors.In general, the use of such paints is difficult to underestimate, using them can and should be.Now let's talk about how to do it.

lessons with the child

You can not just hand over a child finger paints for children under one year and expect that he will do with them.If you start getting to know them at a very early age, the color should be administered alternately, after a certain period of time.You must be prepared for the fact that the baby can dirty himself and the table and all around.So give him a great field of activity, and in any case, do not scold him if he had something dirty.On the contrary - you must praise his every flourish.Any careless word could deter him from this fun process.Then, later in life, you can offer your child a variety of educational games.For example, it can dorisovyvat rain from clouds, slapping her fingers over the paper.However, do not rush things, let the child simply will yield creative energy in color.After all, today, many famous paintings look about the same.All painted should hang in a prominent place, as the Hall of Fame, the child saw that you are proud of his achievements.

more games

Finger paints (up to a year is the easiest way to use them) can be subsequently changed to watercolors, pencils, markers and crayons usual.Try to draw all that something more like your child, something less.Spread the handle paint with a brush and leave a mark on a piece of paper.Later, the sheet is easily transformed into a greeting card for Grandma.Finger paints for children under one year and can be used when bathing.And the child will remain clean and easy to wash tub.Bad only that these figures are short-lived.