Wedding decorations.

most important day in the life of a young couple in love - is, of course, the wedding.The day when you want everything to be at the highest level and that is important - not like at all.This can only be achieved in two ways: to order an exclusive wedding decoration at the trendy and expensive designer or do it yourself.If there is no opportunity to exercise the first option and there are a lot of free time, then you should not hesitate - we must start implementing the second.

We make wedding glasses

wedding decor to make your own hands is not so difficult as it may seem.Let's start with the easy, but very important - design wedding glasses, which will be a family heirloom for life.It is easy to make them extraordinarily beautiful with the help of stained glass paints.For this, contour labels, paint, thin brush, towels and hair dryers.The surface of the glasses degreased with acetone, glued stickers and paint like a children's coloring.Hairdryer dry them their art and optionally retained or removed

stickers.Feet can always decorate with silk ribbons or bows.

Use the hot glue gun with glasses you can decorate with rhinestones, pearls, sequins or entire compositions of these materials.Decorations for glasses can serve as lace, only it is necessary to be very careful and neat - it is "not forgive" errors.

the example of the glasses can be decorated with a bottle of champagne.Make it unique, and it would be the best gift to the guest of honor at a wedding, or to those who pay more for it.

beautiful place visitors

Modern couple care for their guests and agree in advance who to put in one table to match the interests and age, when people will be comfortable.To do this, leave the table name cards, which can make the unusual, memorable - it is also a kind of wedding decorations.They make out in style and wedding colors, but there are options:

  • colored flags on toothpicks;
  • hearts on cocktail umbrellas;
  • any form of paper attached to the shell (suitable for marine wedding).

Paper boom

all used to seeing wedding decor created from live or artificial flowers.But for some reason it is difficult to find those who have it all be done from the most ordinary paper.The beauty of this material is that it can be either pure white or colored, and most important - is the only product of its kind.A clear focus of this extravaganza to become a paper arch.The main condition: the flowers should not be wrinkled, you want to hide the traces of glue and staples from the staples.

The hall can hang paper pompons of different colors and sizes, as well as garlands.From colored paper, you can build a huge flower and make a memorable photo young wedding decor of this plan will be a surprise for all guests.If we have chosen for the wedding decoration paper, the bride's bouquet should be another highlight.Each flower can be made of a corrugated paper, or it is possible, instead of flowers on legs do butterflies.Bouquet will be a bright and this will be the feeling that they are about to take off.

Whatever wedding decor celebration, most importantly, to the newly created family love and harmony reigned which always draw inspiration in the works ...