How to accustom the cat to the tray - an important task of the first days of life.

If you just brought home a small kitten, surely you are now thinking how to teach a cat to the tray.This is an important task, because the cat is not accustomed to relieve themselves in the tray will do it anywhere in your apartment.Veterinarians recommend not to separate a small kitten from its mother before he turns 3 months.At the beginning of the life of a cat kittens are taught all the necessary life skills, including defecate in the tray.

first kitten will experience stress in your home, because you will take away from his mother, and change the whole surrounding environment.The first time it is not necessary to wear a kitten in her arms throughout the apartment, it is better to give him freedom and discreetly keep track of all his movements.To the kid realized that you need to walk into the tray, it is recommended to put the tray next to the kitten.Cats like to relieve themselves in the soft loose material, so you need to buy a special filler for your cat's tray.If the kitten does not respond

to the tray, be careful to take his foot and loosen her vehicle.Sometimes, even after these steps, the kitten does not understand what you want to teach him, but do not get bogged down and yell at him.There is another clever way to help answer the question of how to teach a cat to the tray: You can soak in the cat urine is a piece of paper and then put the paper in the tray filler and make the kitten sniffed it.

After you apply all of these methods, it is necessary for a few days to monitor the kitten.If the kitten to defecate in the territory of the apartment, then you need to wash the soiled place unnoticed.Cats do not like the smell of citrus, so filthy place should be washed with detergent scent of lemon or orange.Your pets will no longer spoil the old place, and the decision of your main task - how to teach your cat to the tray - will be found much faster.If the kitten is often emptied in one place, you can put back a plate of food.It is well known that pets, cats in particular, different cleanliness and never will defecate near where kormёzhki.

Before you teach your cat to the tray, you need to choose the filler.Many people know that cats have sensitive soles of feet, so they love to dig in loose soil or sawdust.Now the industry produces a silica gel, lumps and wood fillers.Cheaper and more environmentally friendly is a filler based on the sawdust.In order to spread the cat is not a filler or sawdust around the dwelling, it is necessary to put a small tray next to the mat, and your apartment will be clean.

need to constantly throw dirty filler from the tray.Cats love to clean and will not defecate in a dirty tray.

In the heat of rage is not worth a little poke in the snout cat crap place: this you are very much afraid of her, but she still does not understand what was the reason for such aggression.

you have to spend a lot of time to accustom the cat to the tray, but all their efforts will pay off in the future, and you will always be sure to clean your home.