If you do not know how to wean cat shit, then this article is for you

Many owners of the cat family, faced with the fact that their pet goes to the toilet in the wrong place, would decide that the case of impropriety cats.These fears are unfounded.Cats are almost the most clean animals.So what's the problem that caused this incident?
necessary to remember that the urination and defecation cat in the wrong place - first of all, a cry for help that can not be ignored.After knowing the cause of this behavior, we can understand how to wean cat shitting in the wrong place.

So why your cat shit?And you need a toilet for cats?To answer this it is necessary to conduct a small investigation.

Unfortunately, many owners are incompetent or did not know about the first few weeks of life the cat.This time is a fundamental, very important, as a lack of communication with the man baby during the first weeks of life can lead to neurosis, and, consequently, to poor adaptation to the environment.

According to studies, these animals are less sociable, more vulnerable and aggressive

.How to wean cat shit if he behaves aggressively?It is not always the answer to bad behavior.This may cause a cat to ignore laid toilet.

So, the reasons may be:

1. Illness or toilets for cats as a predictor of problems.

pain should be considered first.Health problems whose symptoms include pain during bowel movements or urination can cause the above problem.

It can be worms in the intestines, constipation and other diseases.In this case, the question of how to wean cat shit, disappears by itself: first, consult your veterinarian.

2. Problems with the tray.

- cat might not like the tray.It may not suit the size of the container, because if it is small, it would be inconvenient to unfold.For pet may not like the smell of the material from which made the tray, or the smell of money, which cleans toilet.After all, the sense of smell from the cat family is 14 times better than a human.In this case, the toilet should be washed with water and liquid soap, avoiding harsh detergents.You can also buy special toilets for cats.

- cat might not like the location of the tray itself.This can happen if it is located next to the bowls for food and drink.Also, it could be because the location of the toilet in an unprotected, open place.In this case, in order to wean the cat shit, anywhere, we must make every effort to toilet is located in a quiet and secluded place.One of the options - a tray-house.

- cat might not like the filler tray.For example, some animals do not like granulated embodiment, because the cylindrical granules are rolled beneath.Another reason may be the sharp smell of the filler, it causes irritation of the skin feet.In this situation it is necessary to change the vehicle, it is recommended to do it gradually.

3. Marking behavior.

stools in non-smoking areas in such a case can be no more than an enforceable right to the territory.This can happen, for example, if there is a child in the family, the other cat or other pet.It is impossible in such a case, screaming at a pet, beat him.

4. Associative urination, ieurinating on the "substitute tray."

It may happen if the house are items that will be like on the tray with the filler.In such a case, to wean cat shit on your clothes, you have to remove the object with which the cat toilet is confusing.

vyshenapisannoe reading, the question of how to wean cat shit, must be exhausted.Follow our instructions and live with your small pet in the world!