Hamster Jungar: reproduction in captivity

Hamster Jungar is a separate, independent view of the animal.The long period of time, it was thought that it is a less common subtype, called Campbell's hamster.There is no doubt confuse these animals is quite simple, as different breeds hamsters just color.

Hamster Jungar, reproduction is possible in captivity, it does not grow in length more than ten centimeters, and its weight is less than 45 grams.As already mentioned, these animals differ in color.Distinctive features are the Jungar hamster hairy legs and almost black longitudinal stripe located on the back, as well as inclusion of white fur all over the body and tail of a small size.

Hamster Jungar, multiplication which takes exactly the same with his brothers, has its own peculiarities.Females can dzhungarika per litter bringing to fifteen pups and some sources indicated that up to eighteen.These figures are higher than in Syrian hamsters.In one year (March-September) female Jungar hamster can bring three to six litters.Going to start a co

uple of Jungar hamsters, think in advance where you will do with a large number of young animals.

Hamster Jungar, breeders at home is quite simple, loves solitude.It is very important time to transplant from a young mother.Approximately one-month age of the animals are completely separate, and some individuals also mature.There is an option that may appear offspring, but in this age of unwanted pregnancies Jungar hamster, as the skeleton is formed only five months to the age of the animal.

Jungar hamster pregnancy which lasts an average of twenty days (plus - minus two days), must live in special circumstances.In the case of the female stress dzhungarikov can easily conveying their offspring or even eat it.Like the vast majority of animals in Jungar hamster species reproduction is possible only in case of selecting the individuals of the same breed.It is very important not to cross various kinds of decorative hamsters as viable offspring is usually obtained.

Jungar hamster - quite friendly animal.With good content for a long time it will please their owners.For him the perfect metal cage in two tiers.Due to the fact that this animal is very mobile, he will need plenty of variety entertainment - wheels, ladders, tunnels and various buildings, which can be found in zoomagzinah.

bottom cells need to strew sawdust, which will serve for a great place to dzhungarikov of hiding their stocks and traditional games.During the day, the hamsters are a passive lifestyle and mostly sleeping.If the filings are not able to make the hamster burrow, it will need a house, where he will have a rest day.

in nutrition hamster dzhungariki unpretentious.Suffice it to a pet store to buy a variety of food.As treats give them boiled meat.Do not forget to provide your pet with water, because the lack of it can lead to various diseases.