Siamese cats: a description of the breed

sociable, intelligent, freedom and at the same time, faithful, jealous, but not vindictive, playful, affectionate ... It is difficult to make a mistake in determining: Siamese cats.

first information about SIAM belongs to the XVI century.Residents of Siam (Thailand) called their luxury handsome moon diamonds.Cats "reigned" in the royal family, which is to protect and preserve them until the ban on export, and everyone who dared to encroach upon the life of the animal, even threatened with the death penalty.

In Europe, Siamese cats were only in 1884. The first couple brought the British Consul.The highest award of the King of Siam Englishmen apprehended while almost indifferently: look a gift was far from local standards of beauty.

Now Siamese cats are divided into 40 kinds: one color, striped, spotted, tortoise-shell, marble and so on.. But all of these subtypes belong to the same breed.

Siamese cats, which posted photos in the article are the real representatives of the aristocracy among the fel

ines.This - the most common color.

"Moon diamond" exquisitely slender, his head turning and wedge-shaped, convex skull, ears are long, large, straight nose and long hair soft and shiny, colored unevenly.Classic - beige main color, gently rolling in a darker tone.The lower part of the legs, tail, muzzle and ears is much darker.The basic color contrasts markedly with darker.The tail is long.The short tail is not welcomed and valued as a sign of degeneration.

Regarding fracture of the tail there is a legend in which the princess wore bathing in the tails of their cats decoration.A smart Siamese fear of losing these ornaments are bent tails.

Siamese cats reflect the sky in your eyes.Blue eyes - another distinguishing feature of them.

Newborn kittens of this breed have a snow-white coat.Intense color appears only to three months.They are born, they, like all cats, is quite helpless, blind and, of course, blind.Eyes open about a week.Then they begin to differentiate and sounds.All this time, the caring mother-cat does not deviate from their children, caring for them with amazing love.

the third week of trying to explore the world of kids, funny and clumsy moving on more fragile legs.

solid products can begin to try to give to the sixth week.And to take the kittens to a new home can be after a cat completely cease feed them.

It is necessary to prepare the arrival of the baby beforehand.He will need a cozy basket (or boxes) with a wool bedding (blanket or a wide scarf), two bowls for food and a tray with sand or filler.

Siamese cats are very clean, but in the new environment are quite capable to mix up your toilet with a flower pot.Do not scold them for it.Simply remove the top "labeled" a layer of earth and transfer to a prepared tray.The next time the kitten will look nook, put it in a pan with the previously removed soil.The kid quickly understand what you want from him.Even better - to place litter box close to its destinations.After Siam settle into your home, the tray can be removed at a convenient place for you (and, of course, always available for crumbs).

Do not forget to specify details of the owner of Siamese feeding: abrupt change in supply can seriously harm your pet.