Maine Coon - the nature and other features of the breed

nowadays very popular breed of Maine Coon cats, the nature and extent of which impress many people.These large house cats are incredibly kind and gracious to all the others, so the fear that the animal becomes aggressive, it makes no sense.However, to a cat (or cat) settled down in the house, it is important to have it in a very young age.Therefore, buying a kitten Maine Coon becomes a matter of "number one".

important to note that even in the infancy of any Maine Coon, the nature of which is completely suitable for home detention, still has its own characteristics.These cats do not tolerate familiarity and prejudice.Citing a giant cat in your house, you need to treat it like with your friend or family member.Gradually, he will get used to the peculiarities of the life rhythm of the family that lives, and become a real favorite, good and great.

are going to have a big cat, a lot of people fall for the deception organized by the sellers of animals.Inexperienced buyers can simply be sold to ordinary

kitten who does not meet the characteristics of the breed.Therefore, it is important to preview the image, which are clearly drawn all the features typical of the breed Maine Coon.Photos are stored on various blogs and websites dedicated to the animals and find them no problem.

Among the features of the behavior of cats of this breed can also be called activity and increased mobility.Each cat Maine Coon, the nature of which may be the "quiet" and lazy, always in need of space for jumping, jogging and so on.Therefore, being the owner of a small apartment, do not bring such an animal as a small residential footage it will feel uncomfortable and closed.

Maine Coon cat differs from other breeds as their intelligence and memory features.This makes the cat breeds most prone to training.Maine Coon will be remembered every intonation of the words of his master, and over time it will begin to perceive it as an equal and to understand at a glance.However, this feature can be considered and the negative side - if the cat once in my life was hurt, in memory postponed this moment, and once the animal finds a way to come back.

There are a whole lot of features that characterize Maine Coon kittens.The character - is only the first number in a large list that anyone owning a cat should know this.So, there are three basic physiological characteristics that match the breed.They are as follows: a large and bushy tail, the presence of "brushes" on the tips of the ears, and the presence of "boxes".This is the front of the muzzle of a cat, which must necessarily be square and slightly enlarged form.Keep in mind that all of the above characteristics are manifested in the Maine Coon from birth, starting from them, you need to choose a kitten.

Finally we can say that you need to buy a Maine Coon only licensed nurseries, where the owners can give you not only the ancestry of the animal, but his real parents, and those cats who lived nearby.You should pay special attention to them, because genes are often "neighbors" are transmitted supposedly pure succession.