What good labyrinth fish

Labyrinth fish got its name thanks to a special respiratory system, which has a very intricate and complex structure, comparable to a real labyrinth.Through bone connections are millions of vessels, among which are the arteries and veins.Such a structure of the internal organs is characteristic only of this type of fish, because thanks to it they have special qualities that manifest in the behavior and activity.

Keep them at home is very simple and accessible.Labyrinth aquarium fish are unpretentious, take root in any situation and get used to every feed.Due to the famous organ, which is above the gills, they seemed to swallow air, which is above the water, and then distribute it through the blood vessels throughout the body.Therefore, the family of the labyrinth is absolutely indifferent, a lot of oxygen in the water or a little, as long as the aquarium was not too deep and tightly closed, and each fish has always had access to the surface.

Also worth noting is that the labyrinth fish can get used

to the water of varying hardness.The main thing for their livelihoods do not change the habitual conditions, because, depending on the type of water, from childhood they start to develop these or other physiological features.Therefore, if one is living in a fish tank with hard water, the correction of this nuance by the water softener will not benefit them.All

labyrinth fish are divided into various sub-species or breed.Each breed is characterized and external features and behavioral, so before buying fish, it is important to pre-select the most suitable option for themselves.The most common species of this family are the various cockerels and breed gourami, a little rarer lapiusy.Few people know, but makropody and fighting breeds - is also a labyrinth fish.Photography of these aquatic species may be found in the literature.

important to know that in an aquarium full of fish from the family residence labyrinth, will certainly be a large number of plants.They can be very diverse, but what will be more - the better.In the context of the body of water saturated with oxygen, the fish will fully develop, and health problems, and most importantly - with the breath, they just will not.

in too small aquarium labyrinth start a large number of undesirable, since they will always feel the lack of oxygen.Also worth noting is that the inhabitants of the water breeds very rapidly and productively reproduce, hatching eggs in the mouth.Therefore labyrinth fish tend to get turned gay in order to save space in the aquarium.

uncommon to see a picture of the family as the labyrinth, which live on the same territory, compete or even "fight."Hard and aggressive nature - the main feature of this breed of fish behavior, so experience in a similar situation - makes no sense.