What are the colors of the British breed of cats

on the planet is now British cats are in trend.Various colors of this wonderful breed of cats has repeatedly presented at various exhibitions.In the entire history of the British-pupils it was officially withdrawn two hundred sub-types, which differ from each other mainly in color.And it is worth noting that among British favorites there are a whole lot of colors that were not recognized as official for one reason or another.

It is believed that the original shade of wool British cat - a solid light.And in order to bring such a diverse "palette" for the representatives of this breed, it put a lot of effort, in particular, it was found pigments eumelanin and pheomelanin.These substances are able to give wool gray or brownish tint.Therefore colors of British cats are divided into two types - cold (with gray or black bars) and warm (cats and brown pastel colors).

most expensive and valuable colors of the British breed of cats - solid.Most often, woolen cover, which has no overflows and color transitio

ns, belongs to warm colors.This may be a cat light beige color, brown, and so forth.Also, solid color can be completely white, and in such cases, the cat may have blue eyes.It is also important to know that the substance which affects the color of the hair of the British pet, also affects the color of the eyes.Therefore Briton, in the body which lacks this element can have a very bright and "transparent" tsvetotip.

Often, to colors of cats gained some zest, mix the two basic pigment.

The result is excellent and tortoiseshell chinchilla options that are very popular among the population of the planet.

in their "fur coat" present and warm colors, and cold, which are perfectly combined with each other and form a beautiful pattern.As a result of fusion of two opposing pigments cat can receive not only variegated wool, but different eye, for example, one will be blue and the second yellowish tinge.

There silvery smoky colors of British cats.Photos of pets is most often on the sites of fans of the breed.These pets have longish hair, and their color is always solid.Wool can be both gray and pastel or even slightly red tint.However, the peculiarity of this color is that each strand of wool cat at its root has virtually no coloring pigment, but the tip is characterized by a very bright tone.This makes the wool of a cat and a beautiful volume.Most often smoky British women larger than their short-haired counterparts and have higher legs.

In the world there are a variety of colors of the British breed of cats, and many of them if you wish, you can bring your own.They always look prestigious, yet natural, and, thanks to its docile nature, are loved and needed in every family and in every home.