Masks for hair Dimexidum

What did not make the woman, fighting for the beauty of hair.After all, thick and shiny tresses for many - the ultimate dream.And all because of poor environment, poor quality products, constant stress - all this affects the state of the whole body, including the hair.And we must make every effort to look young and fresh.Masks for hair Dimexidum today acquired unprecedented popularity.But not all women use them.Many do not even know what kind of drug.That's understand first with the issue.

Dimexidum now used not only in medicine, but also in cosmetics.Due to its medicinal properties, it is used as an active ingredient for a variety of face masks and hair.This drug has antimicrobial and antiseptic, so your loose curls strengthened after its use, and you get rid of dandruff.In addition, dimexide available a wide range of people because its price is low.Yes, and it is sold in any drugstore.You can make a mask for hair Dimexidum even at home.

Please note that the dosage in this case is very important.O

ften hair mask with Dimexidum, recipes are available online, detrimental impact on the locks and scalp.In addition, such means in the struggle for beauty is not recommended to nursing mothers, and especially pregnant women.And it is not necessary to apply the mask every day.Suffice it and a pair of once a week.

So, what hair mask with Dimexidum you can use to look your best?Take one tablespoon of castor oil and burdock.Then mix them, then put in a water bath.A mixture of oil should be warm, then it is possible to add a vial of vitamin B and vitamin E as much use as an essential oil - about three drops.Once you mix everything carefully, you can add a mask dimexide - teaspoon.The resulting mixture was put on hair, rubbing it into the skin with the head and doing massage movements.Typically, a mask held for an hour, but if you feel a strong burning sensation - rinse before.Please note that it will be effective only if it is time to hide the hair polyethylene and wrap head with a towel.Rinse off the mask to be using your usual shampoo.If you spend a long course of treatment in 15 procedures using such means no more than twice a week, your hair will grow faster, and will look much better.

But not only beautiful hair for women.You can also use this medication if you are faced with the problem of acne or pimples on the face.Its effectiveness is proven in similar situations.Face mask with Dimexidum able to remove any inflammation.You only need to check to see if the drug would cause you allergy.On the inner side of either forearm Dimexidum little drip.If you have redness or a sense of strong itching, but not worth the risk.

face mask with Dimexidum prepared in just a couple of minutes.Here's one recipe that will help you solve the problem of acne forever.Dimexide Dilute with boiled water.With regard to concentration, the note number of inflammatory processes in the skin.The more, the more concentrated the solution should be.On average, you need to mix five drops Dimexidum with a tablespoon of plain water.After that, the composition should be applied to the skin and after about 20 minutes using warm water wash it.

in equal proportions can also be applied dimexide with tea tree oil.In this case, the drug will have a delightful effect.You can even put makeup on problem areas and go to bed.Of course, if you do not notice the discomfort.

Thus, the hair mask with Dimexidum help you become the owner of a luxury "mane".However, the same drug can also save you from acne or acne that are hateful, not only women but also teenagers and men.