Oil for eyelashes

At all times, the girls all over the world can seduce a man only one eye, only one stroke lashes.Eyes - mirror of the soul, they are like a deep lake, where you can drown and eyelashes - dense forest in which to get lost ...

today to strengthen and underscore its beauty girls are making great sacrifices, for example, increasing the eyelashes, use a variety of decorative cosmetics.But while no one think that these tools are harmful not only to the lashes, but her eyes, and skin.Therefore, we must take care of the natural eyelashes and not detrimental to resources.

So, the best protection for eyelashes dermatologists and cosmeticians consider various essential oils.There are so many different oils, the main purpose of which is to strengthen, nutrition and recovery.Oil for eyelashes penetrates the hair follicles and promotes the growth of new cilia, thus adding them volume.Oils that contain vitamins A and B, strengthen lashes and restore their original color and luster.Masks with the use of such oils

minimizes breakage and loss of eyelashes, accelerating their growth.

Some girls suffer allergic reactions to all cosmetics.In this case, oil for eyelashes - the best solution.Even if there is no problem with the lashes, prevention will never be superfluous.

few tips on the use of oils

  • Apply oil for eyelashes to gently best thing to do is clear brush from the carcass (after rinsing it well).It is also very convenient to put the oil fingertips.You have to be very careful and not to fall on the mucous membrane of the eye.
  • conduct such a procedure is necessary after the full cleansing the face of it available on the makeup.The oil should be completely absorbed, so it is best to put it in the morning or the afternoon, as the night during sleep oil can damage the lining of the eye.
  • In no case do not need to be applied to the eyelashes large amount of oil from them should not drip.

choose oil for eyelashes should be carefully, it should help, not harm.The first thing to pay attention to the shelf life of the oil, and the need to pre-check with a dermatologist if there are no specific contraindications to its use.Once these conditions, you can go to the purchase of tools.It is best to take a few kinds of oils to choose the most suitable option.Perform these procedures should be every day for a month, and only then will achieve the desired result.

A variety of oils for eyelashes

Castor oil - the most popular and affordable, accelerates the growth of eyelashes and gives them shine.Cilia are thick, long and silky.

Almond oil for eyelashes is considered the best means for their growth.It contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals that promote cell renewal.

Burdock oil contains tannins, but because after its application eyelashes become strong, they do not break or fall out.

Olive oil nourishes the cilia and increases their elasticity.If you mix it with aloe juice, the effect is amplified.

Peach oil for eyelashes for properties similar to almond.Its advantages include the fact that it is an anti-inflammatory agent.

There is also a lot of different mixtures, and it's worth it all, because only by experimenting you can find the oil for eyelashes, which will assist to restore and protect them at any time, winter and summer, rain and cold.Using this tool will allow any girl to be beautiful, natural and desirable.