have thick, long eyelashes - the dream of every woman.However, not all nature has endowed beauty.But do not despair.Modern methods of cosmetic work wonders.Eyelashes can be extended artificially.You must first get acquainted with the technology of the process, the materials used, contraindications (if any).

What n araschivanie eyelashes?Pros and cons of the procedure

Artificial eyelashes are attached to the natural by means of adhesive.Sometimes beam and poresnichnoe capacity.When beam-building to natural eyelashes glued beams synthetic fibers.Poresnichnoe pasting a different technology process.Artificial fibers are attached to each cilium separately.This method is the most laborious, requires more time to work.When poresnichno build artificial material lasts longer.During the period required to carry out the correction of wearing.Qualitative operation gluing eyelashes can only perform professional salon worker.This factor is very important.It determines the quality of the procedure, the health

of the client.It was decided to make the eyelashes?Pros and cons of the following:

Positive aspects of the procedure

First, we should emphasize the aesthetic component of cosmetic manipulation.The "new" lashes are long, thick, fluffy.It changes the appearance of the eye.He becomes expressive, attracts the eye of others.No need applying mascara, her everyday flushing, fear of sagging, accidental blurring.Modern technological innovations and materials make it possible to give your lashes a beautiful, natural appearance for a long time.Adhesives are available in a large range.Therefore, you can pick it up individually to suit your features.

diverse selection of eyelashes allows you to find the right option.For a particularly solemn occasion, "the publication of" product manufacturers offer a material with a perm (tightening up), rhinestones, sequins, all colors.With artificial eyelashes can be somewhat correct shape of the eyes, increasing it or decreasing.The procedure is available to every woman.Previously, it could afford only an actress and well-known personalities.

negative aspects of cosmetic surgery "Eyelash»

Pros and cons should be considered in advance of the decision.Restrictions exist for women wearing contact lenses.In this period of wearing an artificial material is reduced.In addition, lashes require appropriate care.Eyes during washing can not rub.It eliminates the use of fat-containing cream for skin care age, otherwise the eyelashes may come off.Too oily skin should be cleaned with a lotion.

There are contraindications for eyelashes for women who are prone to allergic reactions, lacrimation, have eye diseases.Despite this, the question whether the harmful eyelash, you can answer - no, with proper care and implementing the recommendations of the professional master cosmetologist.He will give advice on all issues.Indeed, any manipulation of the body, even such innocuous as eyelash, "for" and "against" always has.

studying reviewed the "eyelash" pros and cons should be studied by reading customer reviews, do the procedure in a particular master.It is believed that the operation is hurting his own eyelashes, up to their complete loss.Such negative effects may occur only after a visit to the master-amateur without proper education.Working poor quality harms.So do not take risks and to save on cash, referring to non-professionals.Health and Beauty in your hands.