Makeup without makeup

Every girl wants to be beautiful, for this purpose often use many means of decorative cosmetics, sometimes making it too bright makeup.But it is not always appropriate.Bright make-up is not exactly appropriate in the morning, at home and in the summer.It is not appropriate and ceremonies.However, some women completely without makeup feel naked.The new technique, "no make-up make-up" allows you to find a decent compromise in this situation.Fashion increasingly captures the naturalness in the image not only in clothes and hairstyles, and makeup.However, not every girl will dare go out without a paint on the face.That's what was invented a special technique of natural makeup.This option

daytime makeup can be considered ideal, the so-called make-up without makeup, which conceals all the flaws and emphasize the advantages.This will require only a foundation, powder, eye shadow and blush.You can afford to put on a little mascara lashes and lips gloss or balm.This skin should be cleaned as much as possible.

It is important to choose the right makeup for the type of person to do and need to apply shadow or blush that will bring the form to the ideal.

Primarily in this case, a light, almost translucent color.If the texture of your foundation is more dense, meaning it is more suitable for evening makeup, it is best to use the following method: Mix in the back of his hand the necessary amount of money from the usual face cream and then apply this substance.To apply tonal framework is best to use a damp sponge.The tone is secured with a loose powder.In this case, do not be amiss to slight blush.To do this, it will be enough to hold a brush cheeks almost imperceptible strokes.So I get a natural and perfect skin.

But that's not all, if you are interested in make-up without makeup, because you can not give the skin a perfect look, leaving the lips as they are.Lip Makeup, too, need to make a natural and beautiful.If you are accustomed to use lipstick, you should give preference to natural understated matte shades.Well, if you prefer gloss, it is best to choose a transparent or translucent shine.It is not necessary to invent anything new.You can make your lips more expressive, using a pencil to the right lipstick color.It should be used to accurately identify the lips, then apply lipstick on them.And if you use gloss, it is enough to circle the lip contour correction pencil.

But make no makeup will not be complete if you do not do anything with eyes.What is needed is to emphasize or correct the shape of the eyes, to try to give them expression.You can do without shadows or make them.However, you should try to make it as natural.You need to put on the upper eyelid moving light-beige shade.A fold of the upper eyelid shadows emphasize natural brown.With the need to draw the pencil brown contour of the upper eyelashes.Pencil is shaded by a brown shadows.

Use black ink is only brunettes, and ladies with other shades of hair is better to use brown.So eyelashes will look much more natural.The appearance of the eyebrows, too, should be natural, but careful, so do not forget to adjust them.Now in vogue natural thick eyebrows, so do not make them too thin.

you should maximize efforts to nobody even suspected that there is on your face makeup.