Castor oil for eyelashes like a life-giving balm

not each of the fairer sex is the owner of thick and long lashes.No doubt, there are many cosmetic products that can make eyes expressive, but there is a magical natural remedy.It will help to make the look seductive without applying cosmetics.This castor oil.For eyelash use it for a long time.

castor oil (castor oil) is a viscous yellowish oily substance.It is obtained from the seeds of castor beans that have healing properties.The liquid is not very pleasant to the taste, the smell is barely perceptible, is well absorbed, has healing and antiseptic effect.Today's manufacturers have diversified our portfolio of castor oil by adding a variety of ingredients that will improve the effectiveness of this tool.But despite this, many people prefer to use castor oil in its pure form.

Castor oil for eyelash growth, but rather, to stimulate their growth, is used very often.If you regularly apply it to the eyelashes, the result will be available within a few weeks.It should adhere to certain rules.

  1. can use an ordinary swab dipped it in butter.But there is no guarantee that all of the cilia to prove a single blurred.
  2. very best option would be to brush on mascara.It can be thoroughly cleaned and used to apply an oily composition.
  3. can simply apply oil with your finger, but castor oil can get into the eyes.This not only causes discomfort and allergic reaction.

When you use castor oil for eyelashes, try to put it closer to the root.This will help to obtain maximum effect.With a slight massaging effect of age only increased.But here, too, need to be careful.Not every skin age will calmly react to it.In the case of an allergic reaction to lubricate the eyelashes will have to be careful to castor oil did not fall forever.

Experts believe that the castor oil for eyelashes should be used for three weeks, then better to take a break.Apply castor oil on the lashes should be every night before the procedure and carefully remove the ink contamination.But before going to bed, to wash off the agent.A kind of mask, it is desirable to keep the oil on the eyelashes for about an hour.You can also use burdock oil.It is also required to wash before going to bed, otherwise you risk wake up with puffy eyes.

But much more efficiently will impact the lashes blend of oils.For example, castor, burdock or other oil may be added a couple of drops of vitamins A and E in the oil.You can also supplement the mixture of aloe juice, but then have the resulting mask stored in the refrigerator, so that it has not deteriorated and has not lost its healing properties.You can come up with different combinations of mixtures of oils, it is not difficult.

But castor oil for eyelashes - the best option.It helps to quickly grow eyelashes, making them thick, fluffy and beautiful.Besides, it is very affordable and natural remedy.

Here are a few recipes of masks using castor oil:

  1. Connect castor oil and rum in a proportion of 50 to 50.
  2. Mix castor oil and rose in the proportion of 50 to 50.
  3. in castor oil and add the juice of aloe crushedparsley, present composition during the day, and the mask is ready.
  4. can combine castor oil with the juice of aloe, adding vitamin A, can be burdock, adding not only vitamin A and E.

According to sociological studies, girls who used castor oil for eyelashes, leave only positive feedback.This is a simple, effective, affordable method of care for precious cilia.The main thing in this case - do not be lazy.Apply daily need, if you have already got down to it and you will definitely be rewarded.The result was not long in coming.