The arrows on the eyes - tips and tricks

beauty, as you know - a terrible force.And the beauty will save the world, but ... requires sacrifice.In recent years, many young ladies take it so literally that, indeed, for the sake of beauty ready to sacrifice not only notes but also their own health.They seek out flaws in their appearance, which actually is not, and correct them surgically.And what do we get in the end?Cloned living Barbie dolls who all look the same, but each considers itself the most beautiful.No, nobody says that plastic surgery - is a bad thing, but in everything you need to know when to stop.One thing is when there is a real defect, and quite another - to "reshape" itself under unclear who invented standards.Here and lost individuality, although each "clone" wrongly suggests that, on the contrary, it has acquired.

But it is much easier, cheaper and painless change its appearance by conventional cosmetics.Now it so much and such species, to experiment with make-up can be infinite.Even the most ordinary arrows on the eyes are

able to visually completely change the shape of the eyes and transform the face.It is known by the ancient Egyptians, who with the help of specially prepared ointments summed his eyes, that shape them, like a cat's.Even numerous murals depicting pharaohs and their wives have been found during excavations in Egypt, confirm it.Therefore eyeliner pencil in your hand, and then - a trick.

Yes, it is the technique depends on how accurately and precisely will appear in front of your arrows.If the hand tremble - everything, write, was gone, you need to erase and re-draw.But when nabete hand for a few minutes can make yourself a fabulous makeover.The easiest way to draw an arrow outline with a pencil: it is soft, well-applied, easy to wash, the risk of "screw up" arrow to a minimum.A little different is the case when you draw an arrow in front of eyeliner: here really need skill, but for a real woman, nothing is impossible.When learn to accurately and precisely draw a thin arrow, you will be under the power of any makeup with arrows of different shapes and different thicknesses.

important to remember that the main your goal - with the arrow keys to make your eyes visually bigger and more expressive.For example, if you - the owner of the eyes round, but want to give them almond-shaped, draw arrows on the eyes, so that, starting approximately from the middle of the century, the line is raised slightly to the temples and quite a bit out of the "limits" of eyes.If your eyes are too narrow, draw an arrow so that the edges of it was thin, but closer to the middle of the century thickened.The corners of the eyes in this case it is not drawn.With close-set eyes inner corner of the eye should be left alone, or cause its area light shadows, and the arrow to start only from the middle of the century, nearly lifting her from the outer edge.

also in the process of finding your way, you can experiment by drawing colored arrows on the eyes.Types podvodok and pencils, the benefit, allow it to do.For example, to create a soft, warm and most natural makeup can make up arrows brown, and for more strict appearance - dark blue.Blue-eyed blonde may be perfectly fine and gray, as it is banal, blue eyeliner.

skillfully painted arrows on the eyes may be luxurious "frame" mirror of your soul, and believe me, by such enchanting beauty is unlikely someone will pass indifferently.And no "tune" the beauty can not be compared in beauty to a woman who is loved and loves itself.Believe in it and believe in yourself, and make use only as a wonderful way to highlight your unique, natural beauty.