The lessons of style: makeup for redheads

said that the solar people are lucky more often than the rest.Maybe.At least one lucky they were sure - they all holders unusual bright appearance.However, some happy owner of red curls complexes because of the color of hair, complain that the pale skin, and freckles often appear.But they are wrong!Pale skin gives the image of tenderness, sensuality and sophistication, vibrant hair did not allow to become a "pale toadstool" and freckles - is not nothing but a "kiss of the sun", bringing luck.Anyway, the red color is now in vogue, and many brunettes, brown-haired and blonde specially dyed his locks in a fiery hue.

But a change of image, as is known, requires a special approach in the creation of the image, in particular a completely different makeup.Many people think that makeup for redheads too complex, and the owner of the fiery hair falls almost spend hours in front of the mirror before leaving the house.This is not so.Red-haired girls, as we have said, nature has bestowed a bright appearance, they

do not need contrast expressive makeup.In order to give the image of perfection, we just need the right accents and well-chosen color.Let's try to figure out how to be a makeup for redheads.


There is a general rule that, if the focus of the make-up is on the eyes, the lips should not to attract undue attention, and conversely, if the lips bright, the eyes have to do lessexpressive.Makeup for redheads require careful observance of this approach.After all, if a girl with flaming red hair will focus on the lips and eyes at the same time, the image will turn downright screaming.

In other words, if you use a lip bright lipstick, eye shadow, choose a moderate or pale tones.It should be remembered also that the red lipstick red for girls, in principle appropriate, but it requires a special selection of shades.In that case they should be translucent or opaque, and the only option for an evening you can choose a slightly flickering.Red lipstick is capable to give sensual any way, but if the accents wrong and shade too bright against the background of pale skin, it can literally "screaming."

In the evening make-up is acceptable to use a dark red or maroon lipstick, it will make the image of the red-haired woman sophisticated and more restrained.Makeup for redheads with blue eyes suggests golden lilac, pale pink, and even shades of orange.This color is just emphasize the beauty of curls, you can use even shine with a golden shimmer.But in this case, the shade must be frosted.


basic shades are matched to the color of their skin.Owners natural red hair with white skin make-up artists are advised to choose a foundation light shades such as ivory or pale beige.Matting agents must be sufficiently dense, smooth complexion is particularly important for pale skin.Owners of dark skin and red hair fit more saturated shades of beige.

Everything is much easier with the shadows, red-haired woman suitable warm and cold colors.Choose a shade of shadow to be the basis of eye color.Red-haired beauty with blue eyes fit almost any shade of color, pay attention to the bronze, gold, olive, apricot, peach tones.It depends on the brightness of the hair color and clothing.However, the dark shades of purple and black is better to exclude from the palette used by shadows at all.They are suitable only dark-haired woman, in other cases, these shades make rough facial features.

green-eyed beauties should give preference to the cold or warm gray green, it will give the look light and visually enlarge the eyes.For evening make-up, you can choose cold graphite, it is advantageous set off the color of the eyes and face.

Makeup for redheads require very careful selection of blush.Suit bronze, sand, terra cotta, coral, peach tones.Well, if they contain reflective particles, it will give the image of light.Generally, all transparent and shining colors is the best suited red-haired, it's not just blush and shadow and lipstick.

Well, in principle, and all the rules.The main thing is try to use cosmetics in moderation.Remember, it was created only in order to emphasize the strengths and hide possible shortcomings.