Lucky magnets: nail salon at home

You've heard about this newfangled trend for nail design as lacquers with magnets.They appeared in 2007, but the bulk of fashionistas became known only in 2011, and made it a real boom in the current 2012 year.With this varnish can make beautiful intricate patterns on their own at home, without the help of expensive services wizard.Most reputable companies offer their collection of magnetic nail in their arsenal paints magnets of different colors and shapes, with different patterns.This is either a wave or a star or band.Depending on your income and preferences, you can almost every fashionable shops to buy from companies lactose Magnet Golden Rose, Dance Legend, Nogtika, Lancome, Chanel, Dona Mirelle, OPI, Dior, etc.etc.

secret of this varnish - in the composition of which is innovation metal particles, or the so-called metal powder.If you want to use manicure magnet that collects these pieces of metal from the lacquer into intricate patterns.Impressive is that the edges of the received pictures are

blurred, and give the effect of 3D, ie manicure looks three-dimensional, it is virtually impossible to perform at home.By the way, you can often buy these paints magnets for modeling complete.Most often, the magnet directly in the lid of the vial varnish, which is quite convenient.But in the absence of complete magnet magnet can be bought with a pattern that is closer to you separately.They are issued in the form of flat plates or convenient special installations, which have the support finger

procedure modeling, which uses magnets varnishes, very easy.First of all, as in the case of performing a manicure in the traditional way, you need to prepare your hands properly - remove the cuticle, attach the desired shape nails.Apply a base substrate.Then comes the turn of the magnetic nail polish.It is applied uniformly, in one - two layers, each of ten nails.The layer must be massive.Next - turn magnet.Do not delay until the paint is dry, it is necessary to bring about 15 seconds for each magnet claw.The time for which you hold the magnet must depend on what effect you want to achieve: if you want to get a blurred picture - enough for five seconds, and for more precise borders must hold the magnets longer - up to fifteen seconds.You can also choose the direction of the pattern.It can be transverse or longitudinal, it all depends on which side you will keep the magnet.Note the magnet must not touch the nail plate.You can thus fulfill not only the manicure, pedicure and - because a woman should be beautiful - from the tips of the nails on the hands of fine, from top to toe on slender legs.Some producers are advised to secure the effect of the finishing touch - put the last layer of fixer, while others argue that it is not necessary, because it can lubricate the drawing.It only remains in each case empirically find its optimal use of such know-how as lacquers with magnets.

I would also like to advise the magnet stored separately from the varnish, so he did not lose their properties.In that case, if you mess magnet varnish, it is by no means impossible to erase nail polish remover with acetone.

Even if you do not apply the pattern magnet, and simply strike it on the nail plate as a conventional magnetic nail looks pretty attractive, enticing shimmering in the light.Also in favor of the choice of varnish, in addition to its aesthetic and practical qualities are the industry's claims of utility varnish - some components of which it consists, have medicinal properties, and varnish strengthens nails.