Glycerine in cosmetics: the use and application of

In today's world, men and women are well aware that the appearance plays a significant role in their lives, and sometimes vice versa.After all, the first thing people pay attention - this is how you look.It is therefore perfect and neat appearance, smooth and beautiful skin have become the key to success in any field.In order to get a job, to get acquainted with a guy or girl and make a positive impression, you need to prepare in advance.Of course, now the services of a beautician or stylist can take advantage of each.But what to do when you are out of range.Only then you are able to help themselves.And for that you need some cosmetics that should always be at your fingertips, whether it's a cream for the face and hands.

Today there are so many kinds of cosmetic companies that are engaged in manufacturing tools for skin care products, which include a number of substances, including glycerine.Currently glycerine in cosmetics is very common, as the substances and trace elements, which are included in it

s composition, perfectly moisturize and refresh your skin.Besides, not so long ago this substance was actively used as a core component of all kinds of masks for hair, which once again proves his favor, but no it does not harm.For many people, there are serious doubts about the use of this product as glycerin in cosmetics does not lead to moisture, but rather, on the contrary, to the drying of the skin.That is why many women glycerin skin - enemy number one!We will understand well, where is the "truth."

So, in their chemical composition glycerol is very soluble in water.But the main advantage of this element is the ability to attract water molecules, or in other words, this property is called hygroscope.That is where lies the source of the negative attitude to glycerol, as such property and leads to the fact that the skin becomes dry, but not healthy and beautiful.However, if we remember the basic laws of physics and chemistry from the curriculum, everything falls into place.After hygroscope arise only if the molecules of glycerol is considerably greater than water molecules.That's all!That is, if the amount of glycerol significantly above accepted, it will lead to drying of the skin.If the manufacturer complies with the proportions of the substance in relation to the level of the water content, it is no problem simply can not occur.Consequently, glycerin in cosmetics just necessary, but responsible for the effect of the use of a cream, which includes the element bears only its manufacturer.Indeed, if all rules producing cream were met, after the application on the skin is a thin film that retains moisture.This effect is achieved thanks to the main property of glycerol - attract water.

Also, scientists have proved that the glycerin hand extremely useful.After all, if you're tired of the dry skin of hands, all you need is a mask of glycerol, the more you can easily do it by hand.For example, take a teaspoon of glycerin, honey, to add a little grated fruits (apricots, pineapple, lemon).The resulting mixture, heat the fire, then a little cool, add 1 tbsp.spoon of lanolin and beat all using a mixer.Apply the mixture on the rough skin, leave for an hour and then dry your hands with a napkin.Wash well should not be.The same procedure should be repeated several times a week.

So before buying a cream, which includes glycerin, be sure to pay attention to its composition.Because if you see that he is in the list of ingredients is at the very beginning, the question should be subject to the proportions of the use of the substance.And it is better to refrain from buying this cream.Yet if the glycerin is only as supplementary material, it's all right.Do not worry for your skin.After glycerine in cosmetics - this is normal, most importantly, observe all rules.