Makeup base - must-have of every woman

an integral component of the ideal makeup is a makeup base.It allows you to preserve the freshness of makeup applied in the morning, throughout the day.Through reflective particles and nutrients skin looks more youthful and supple.Often, it is composed of special pigments that are able to adapt to the natural skin tone to hide its imperfections.Thus, it is possible to obtain an ideal surface for the next layer of cosmetics.Moreover, the foundation makeup not only does not harm the skin, but also exerts a beneficial effect.It protects it from dust and dirt, as well as exposure to ultraviolet rays.

modern market of cosmetic products offers many types of makeup base.It can be presented as a cream, gel, light emulsion, spray or powder.And this is not a complete list.Each of the funds has its purpose and creates a different effect.However, they all share the same basic components, whose main function - the alignment of a complexion.Typically, they are based on a formula of color pigments with titanium oxid

e or iron.When buying makeup base pay heed to the media, which contain medicinal components - they can cause an allergic reaction.Healing properties are the basis of the brand Vichy and Clinique.They are not only able to mask skin imperfections, but also to eliminate them.However, such a database suitable for make-up is not for everyone.

The composition may include some basic shimmering particles which give the face a beautiful natural shine.When the warm tone of the person recommended to use bases with peach or golden apricot sheen cold - with a pink pearlescent.For this purpose, perfect makeup base by Guerlain: L`or Radiance Concentrate Wish Pure Gold with gold particles and Meteorites Perles with corrective pearls.

There are special remedial framework that can be used to significantly improve skin color.Makeup base shades of green will help eliminate red, purple - to adjust the sallow complexion and unhealthy yellowness and white - give the person a porcelain doll look.Base Givenchy Acti'Mine presented in shades of white, pink, blue, green and peach colors.Thanks to its active components, it simultaneously moisturizes and nourishes the skin.Makeup base - must-have of every woman.

When applying foundation, note that it should fall on the skin, not creep into it.Therefore, to begin with, use a moisturizer that does not allow penetration into the skin of the basics.In addition, the skin moisturized cream base lies flatter.If you strike the right foundation, it will help you keep the makeup throughout the day.

Buy a basis for make-up must be based on your own skin type.Though moisturizer and partially neutralize fat or dry, over time, facial skin care is returned to its original state.Therefore, choose a matte foundation or a moisturizing effect.

During summer, the base can replace foundation, providing thus an easy and unobtrusive as possible cover.In winter, on a foundation can be applied as a foundation and powder.

Owners fat skin type requires makeup base without additional moisturizing properties.In this case the perfect Lisse Minute Base Comblante from Clarins or Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base SPF 15 by Clinique.

suitable for dry skin cream on fat basis.Light coverage for skin creams provide liquid fluids.They are recommended for young skin smooth without any noticeable flaws.Wonderful moisturizing fluid - Chanel Hydramax + Active

crumbly and compact powder - form solid foundations, which are used to fix the makeup.Typically, the powder is used on top of the base liquid, as it gives the surface of the face a more natural look.Powder is able to control shine, allowing all day to keep the mixed and oily skin matte.It must be applied in small amounts, otherwise you risk to create on his face "mask effect".Note that the powder compact, it looks a little darker than directly on the skin.Excellent results give mineral powder brands Pupa and Artdeco.If you have dry skin, you can use the air-powder Clinique Almast Powder Makeup SPF15.

Choosing the right tone of foundation, the following procedure will help.On the back of your hand, apply your chosen vehicle and blend it carefully.Then, check the resulting tone both artificial and natural light.Hue should fully match your skin color.The only way you will get the perfect makeup.